Online Ten Styles of Scene Improv Course

Online Ten Styles of Scene Improv Course

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In this course, you will concentrate on the fundamentals and joys of really great improv scenes. No frills, no show structures, just two people and a suggestion. Over ten weeks, you will be introduced to ten styles of scene, using different skills and drawn from different improv traditions. You will look at how they are played, what powers them and when they might be used, as well as thinking about what tools they share and where they differ.

Treating this not as a set of restrictions, but as tools and shortcuts to shape your scenes, you will learn how to recognise and get the most out of your scene and therefore have the most fun with your partner. You will gain an understanding of how you like to play and what you can bring to a scene, as well as expanding your range and flexibility.

Course Syllabus Includes:

  • “Let me tell you something” – Point of view scenes
  • “I thought I was the only one” – Agreement scenes
  • “You know what I like about you?” – Relationship scenes
  • “Will you make me the happiest man?” – Genre/expectation scenes
  • “Wait what?” – Platform/tilt scenes
  • “If you will let me explain” – Frustration scenes
  • “It is as the prophecy foretold!” – Protagonist scenes
  • “Johnson, sit down” – Game/premise scenes
  • “As I was saying” – Multi-part scenes
  • “Everybody get in here” – Group scenes

This course is designed both for newer improvisers looking to level up their scenework skills and more experienced players wanting to widen their range and get some reps. This course involves lots of opportunities to play and receive feedback.

Min. participants 6, max. participants 12.

Jules Munns performs with the Maydays and Impromptu Shakespeare, as well as being one-half of Ten Thousand Million Love Stories. He has performed and taught across the world, from Finland to Pakistan, Malawi to Canada. He creates improv blogs and podcasts and performs online for the Nursery.

Heather Urquhart was winner of the award for best female performer in the Brighton Fringe Festival 2013 and winner of the Argus Angel Award for artistic excellence for new musical The Opinion Makers in 2014. She is a guest vocalist with the mercury music prize nominated Electric Soft Parade and sings ‘Sing it!’ which has a series of associated podcasts.

This intermediate course runs every Tuesday evening from 26th January to 30th March, 7.30 pm-9.30 pm GMT

Intermediate (3/6 months+) These classes will be opportunities to add tools to your growing toolbox. Normally these classes will expect players to be confident playing scenes. These classes will provide practice and specific new skills.

Whatever the level of ability required, all of our classes are safe, supportive environments led by our experienced teachers. Please email us if you are unsure whether a class is suitable for you. If you sign up for a class inappropriate to your level the Nursery/Maydays reserved the right to remove you from the class without refund.

Photo credit: Mark Dawson

Jules Munns Jules started improvising at the Guildhall School where he was a founder member of the Improsarios. After graduating, he co-founded the Nursery, where he is now Artistic Director. He performed with Music Box (5* FringeGuru and Remote Goat) and Friendly Fire before joining the Maydays in 2012. He directed the first run of...
Heather Urquhart Heather trained in Physical Theatre and has studied improvisation at Chicago’s I.O theatre and Annoyance. She improvises with the Olivier Award winning Showstopper! The ImprovisedMusical and is one of the directors of The Maydays. Her duo improv show ‘Ten Thousand Million Love Stories’ has also toured extensively most recently to Texas, Montreal and Karachi. Heather’s other regular...
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