Online Three Genres Improv Course: Westerns, Charles Dickens & David Lynch

Online Three Genres Improv Course: Westerns, Charles Dickens & David Lynch

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This advanced course runs every Monday for 6 weeks from 2nd November to 7th December at 7.30 pm-9.30 pm GMT

Advanced (3 years +) This is our highest level of class. These classes are recommended for improvisers who are regularly rehearsing and performing with a team.

From the Wild West to the metaphysical, hone your genre skills with three unique styles of play.

With 2 weeks spent on each genre, plus an online showcase to share with your friends, you’ll pick up some core tips on improvising with Genre, as well as some original and customised exercises that’ll help you examine Twin Peaks style psychological melodrama, Gritty and vengeful Western landscapes and the downright debauched and desperate Dickensian England!

Whilst this course is ideal for Experienced players, as it presumes some experience with long-form scenes but Intermediate improvisers are also welcome and won’t feel out of their depth within the adaptive class environment.

• Whether you prefer to play with genre in quick and fun short-form scenes or more detailed long-form and narrative pieces, you’ll have all the tools at your disposal to start your very own show and play with a more assured touch.

• An ideal extension for those with some long-form experience. We’ll cover; Satire and caricature, character naming conventions, metaphysical scene transitions, otherworldly characters and stereotypical plot beats.

• Designed to give you lots of opportunities to develop and hone your skills, with plenty of reps in each genre universe, you’ll refine your storytelling abilities in an environment that is both supportive and challenging.

Syllabus includes:

• Narrative forms: How to go beyond ‘heroes journey’ and explore omniscient, Third person or limited narration.

• Scene transition tools: Push past tags and sweeps and find genre specific ways of pushing the story forward.

• Form specific lexicon and dialogue: How the way in which you speak (cadence, accent and vocabulary) can not only create useful characters but provide a framework for your choices

• World Building: how to create rich complex worlds, but effortless scenes.

• Point of View and character: how to make clear characters, and provide them with style specific wants, choices and obstacles.

• Useful Tropes and Stereotypes: Ways to succinctly communicate your ‘in world’ choices.

Jonah Fazel is a veteran character actor, Theatremaker and Television presenter who trained at Royal Central school of Speech and Drama. He has trained in multiple improvisational styles and has been teaching improvisation for over a decade. He is a professor of improvisation at The University of Creative Arts and guest lecturers at many UK drama schools.

JONAH FAZEL Producer, Thursday Night Lights & The Carousel Jonah is an experienced theatre-maker and comedian and has appeared at in the West End as well as being a veteran of the London Fringe and Edinburgh festivals. He has created work at The Battersea Arts Centre, Royal Court and The National as well as many...
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