Performance ‘Stealing from Theatre’ Improvisation Course

In Level 3 of The Maydays advanced improvisation courses, you’ll have 8 weeks to explore what it means to improvise a play. We’ll consider the differences between a ‘theatre’ show and an improv show, how to get from the start to the finish, and we’ll look at the improv ‘rule’ book with a critical eye.

What does it mean to be ‘theatrical’? How do we know what’s coming next? Does a play have to be narrative? What can we learn from the likes of Brecht, Pinter, Naturalism, Expressionism, Theatre of the Absurd, Classical, Shakespeare, Eclectic or Contemporary playmakers (nb Don’t worry if this means nothing to you now!) You’ll be encouraged to research theatre styles before trying things out in workshops.

What can you expect?

Stagecraft – space on the stage and how to utilise it to make it – and us – mean something
Stealing creative ideas from scripted theatre shows
Emotional Intensity
Narrative – getting from the start to the finish
Direct address and breaking the fourth wall

We’ll develop our improv toolkit before performing a show (or shows) that aim to look like scripted theatre. Emotionally connected scenes, relationships, conflict, serious and dramatic themes, sadness, delight, physicality and maybe even multimedia (music, lights, props etc).

Who is this course suitable for?

Adults ages 18-100
People who have enjoyed longform performance courses already
Any improviser who has already done a level 2 or 3 course

Performance showcase for family & friends at the Maydays Studio at 8 pm on 11th March 2019.

“Creative, funny, loving and supportive. All you ever need in life. The Maydays are all these and more. Jump into Improv with these guys. You’ll never regret a moment!”

£175.00 – 10% Early Bird Discount Ends 14th December at Midnight


Jen trained at ACT Brighton and now teaches there on a regular basis. Her credits includedreamthinkspeak (Underground) and Fringe-first nominated Bite-size Plays. She has toured withThe Foundry Group and played Ero in The Widow’s Tears for the Shakespeare’s Globe ‘Read Not Dead’ series. She is an actor, voiceover artist, writer and teacher, having worked with...
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