Presence for Improvisers

Presence for Improvisers: An 8-week Advanced Level 4 Maydays course

Whether you’re hosting a show, playing a jolly octopus or a tense kitchen sink drama, captivating performances have one thing in common: the presence of those on stage. Improve your acting skills and relax into your authenticity on this course for experienced improvisers.

What can I expect?

Improvising scenes in character
Presenting as yourself
Group games, solo introspection, pair work
Movement and physical self-awareness
Playing with the spectrum of emotions

We’ll look at improving your characters and commitment so your scenes are more awesome. And how you can feel comfortable being yourself onstage, connect with the audience and enjoy it more. When we’re less self-analytical and more inflow we have more impact and everything becomes easier. So we’ll get out of our heads, into our bodies and find presence in whatever role we’re playing.

Who’s it for?

Adults 18-100
People who’ve completed 2 Maydays courses (or equivalent improv experience)
Those who would like to improve their personal presence
Improvisers wanting to go deeper into character and create more electric scenes
Those who are ‘stuck in their heads’ and wanna release their awesomeness
Those with a willingness to recognise and address personal habits, and support others in doing so

This 8-week course culminates in a showcase for family and friends on Wednesday 28 November, 8pm-10pm at the Maydays Studio Brighton.

Book before 10th September for a 10% Early Bird Discount!

Want to learn or brush up your improv? Go to their drop-ins, workshops or their improv retreats. It is like learning from your smartest most supportive best friends.

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