Six Forms in Six Weeks

A level-3 Maydays Longform Improvised Comedy Course

A 6-week course exploring six longform formats, developing our own variations, and culminating in a showcase in Week 7.

*Entrance to this course is by application only* – Please apply with details of your improv
experience, including any forms you have performed or studied. Apply via email to Jen at

What can I expect?

  • To learn and explore existing longform structures
  • Exercises which serve to deepen the ensemble (team) dynamic
  • A level of autonomy; you will be expected to come up with your own format variations

Formats will include a selection from:
Harold, Armando, La Ronde, Cat’s Cradle, Living Room, Pretty Flower, News Stories, Freeform, Game of the Show, Narrative (story), Chairs/Weir-Dasse.

Who is the course suitable for?

  • Those with previous longform improvisation experience (Maydays level 2 or equivalent)
  • Those who understand and use longform techniques, and are comfortable using edits, tag-outs, game of the scene, premise, scene painting, character and object work.
  • Those wanting to explore and develop new longform formats
  • Those keen to work with an open heart as part of a strong ensemble

The course will culminate in a showcase for family and friends on the 22nd July, 8pm at The Maydays Studio, Brighton. BOOK YOUR SHOWCASE TICKETS HERE

When: 6 weeks on Monday nights from 11th June – 16th July, 7 pm – 9.30 pm

Price: £175.00

Book before 13th May for a 15% Early Bird Discount!

“Creative, funny, loving and supportive. All you ever need in life. The Maydays are all these and more. Jump into Improv with these guys. You’ll never regret a moment!”

Jen trained at ACT Brighton and now teaches there on a regular basis. Her credits includedreamthinkspeak (Underground) and Fringe-first nominated Bite-size Plays. She has toured withThe Foundry Group and played Ero in The Widow’s Tears for the Shakespeare’s Globe ‘Read Not Dead’ series. She is an actor, voiceover artist, writer and teacher, having worked with...
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