SOLD OUT! Online Improv Super-Elective: Confident Scenes with Viewpoints & POV

Picture of David Razowsky on stage. on the left the nursery theatre and the maydays logo's. nderneath the text: Confident Scenes with Viewpoints & Points of View with David Razowsky. online, intermediate level. 6 fridays drom 23rd of july, 7 to 9:00 pm, uk time.

Online Improv Super-Elective: Confident Scenes with Viewpoints & Points of View


About this event

This six-week masterclass will help you begin your scenes off with confidence, certainty, and clarity. Learn how to take your improv to surprising places by simply recognizing you and your partner’s points of view. This class will also be focusing on Viewpoints, a skill set that frees you from using your brain, worrying about what’s right or wrong, what’s good or bad. Instead of thinking about what you’re supposed to do, scenic choices are made with your heart, not your head. Learn to base your responses on compulsion (“an irresistible urge to act a certain way”) rather than worry about what might be interesting, funny, original, or dramatic.

This workshop will change the way you look at your practice.

Min. participants 6, max. participants 8. If we have to cancel the event due to low numbers, we will do this with 24 hours notice.

David Razowsky From his 10 revues at Chicago’s Second City performing with the likes of Steve Carell, Stephen Colbert, Amy Sedaris, and Rachel Dratch, to the 10 years he spent as Artistic Director of The Second City Hollywood, to the countless worldwide workshops and performances he’s engaged in, to his TEDx Talk, “Life: The Product is the Process,” David has developed a simple approach to improvising: Your present awareness is the only thing you need to create compelling, smart, truthful, and surprising scenes. Period. No games, no preconceived premises, no ideas, no ego. All that matters is now. The actor’s level of improvisation experience doesn’t matter, for all you’ll need to bring to this workshop is your present presence. All you’ll leave with is your joy and excitement and confidence. And after all, what more do you need?

This Intermediate super-elective runs six Fridays 23rd July- 27th August, 7 – 9 pm BST

Intermediate (3/6 months+) These classes will be opportunities to add tools to your growing toolbox. Normally these classes will expect players to be confident playing scenes. These classes will provide practice and specific new skills.

NB: Our electives frequently sell out, but do not despair if this class has. You have not missed your shot. If enough people join the waiting list, we are often able to put the same class on a few days after or in parallel. So if you were excited, join up and we will be in touch.

Closed captioning is available in all of our classes and courses. If you need any information on how to access this in zoom, please contact [email protected]


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