The Improvability Drive

The Maydays combine a shortform improv montage in the first half with a longform finale that conflates earlier games and ideas together into a satisfying whole.

“I like to be in at the beginning of something, maybe it’s the Svengali in me – I prefer to see the Arctic Monkeys at The Freebutt, not Wembley – so I was thrilled to see the queue snaking from the two bars and the street into the cozy Marlborough Theatre for the Mayday Players”

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  1. Hi. Where do you do improv one off nights only. I can not find it. Thank you.

    1. Hello Ruth,
      Our one-day workshops and drop-ins can be found on our courses page. You’ll see a filter system above the events, for drop-ins, just deselect the ALL tab and then click drop-ins. Our longer one-day workshops can be found by selecting courses in the filter system. If you need any further assistance, pop us an email to [email protected] and we’ll email you links to all the one-day and drop-ins for ease 🙂 All the best,
      The Maydays x

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