Advanced Events

Online Narrative Toolkit Improv Course
25th February 2021
Build your own narrative toolkit for longform improv   About this Event   This course will introduce you to a range of tools, techniques and jigs to level up your improvised stories. Based on the core idea that narrative shows should not feel like a maths problem, but serve the scenes and players, this course...
Online Genre Improvisation Course
10th January 2021
Online Genre Improvisation Course About this Event Not just a dry list of static forms to be learnt, genres can be a powerful way to delight your audience and unite your team. Whether you are mocking or celebrating them, genres can give you a set of conventions and expectations that make your performance more than...
Online Duos Improv Course
8th January 2021
Online Duos Improv Course About this Event ‘Twoprov’, or ‘duos’ are shows with only two improvisers in. It’s as simple and as complex as that. There is no one else to please and no one else to satisfy. Ranging from the frenetic Two-man Movie to the chatty Bassprov, the art of a duo is to...
Online Ten Pound Sample Improv Classes
5th December 2020
Ten Pound Sample Classes About this Event Unsure of what course to take in the new year? Intrigued by a course description, but want to understand a little more? Want to get to know a new teacher? Or just fancy a blast of improv as the nights close in? Starting in December 2020, our sample...
Online Scenework Improv Drop-in
1st August 2020
Different each week, but centred on combining delight with excellence, this Scenework Drop-In is a work out for your scenework. About this Event Please note: – Class links are sent once sales close, which is 2 hours before each class. – The minimum participants to run a class is 4, and with the current situation...