Advanced Events

The Maydays guest teacher workshops with Bill Arnett: An Alternative Approach to Scene Work & The Unlogic of Emotions
18th April 2020
Brighton, UK
Guest Improv Teacher, Bill Arnett – 1 improv legend, 1 day, 2 workshops! The Maydays Guest Improv Teacher, Bill Arnett, founder of the Chicago Improv Studio & author of The Complete Improviser is coming to Brighton to treat us to two workshops in one day. 1st Workshop: An Alternative Approach to Scene Work Many of...
Musical Improv Comedy Drop-In Brighton
1st March 2020
Brighton, UK
Your Sunday Musical joy ride is here! Two hours of improvising musicals with some of the most experienced teachers on the improv scene.   For an audience, it looks like a miracle, for the performer it feels like flying. Starting from a single word, you will be creating scenes that magically lead into complete songs!...
13th Annual Maydays Improv Retreat
22nd October 2020
Marcham, Abingdon, Oxfordshire, UK
This place is amazing – it’s like Hogwarts for improvisers. How would you like to spend four days staying in a grand house with en-suite bedrooms in the Oxfordshire countryside (Yes, we have a smashing NEW Retreat venue for your pleasure!), taking your choice of improv classes in the company of some of the most...
The Maydays 6th Annual Improv Intensive for Experienced Improvisers
25th March 2020
Dorset, UK
“It was truly amazing to be in this beautiful place, learning and laughing with so many lovely people. I really feel that the intensive focus from the Maydays teachers has transformed my improv game.” How would you like to spend four days in a grand old house in the Dorset countryside this spring, intensively studying...