Elective Events

Online Improv Elective: Starting Strong
8th May 2021
Starting Strong: Starting scenes with confidence and purpose, just as you are.   About this Event   Scenes that start clearly and boldly often continue that way. Those that don’t can sometimes flounder and stutter as they try to find their game, heart or inspiration. This class will give you a range of powerful ways...
Online Improv Elective: Improv Clinic
1st May 2021
Improv Clinic   About this Event   1st Saturday of the Month Scenes and exercises specifically designed for you. Receive in-depth notes and feedback in a caring environment. If there are aspects of your improvisation you feel frustrated with, aspirations that you want help achieving, or someone to point out the things you are doing...
Online Improv Elective: Juggling the Grenade: Working with Satire
6th June 2021
Juggling the Grenade: Working with satire, and other potentially explosive content – Safely!   About this Event   It is much easier to work with satirical, political, or blue material when one has the benefit of revisions and the sounding board of the writer’s room. But how do experienced improvisers juggle the grenade of hot...
Online Improv Elective: Your face, your voice
24th April 2021
Your face, your voice: Character from the shoulders up   About this Event   Great scenes are at the heart of great improvisation. So let’s spend some real time on them. Ideal accompaniments to the nursery longform or narrative courses, these classes are deep-dives into particular areas of scenework. They are also great workouts for...
Online Improv Elective: Improvising Studio Ghibli/Miyazaki stories
21st April 2021
Improvising Studio Ghibli/Miyazaki stories with Juwel Haque   About this Event   Studio Ghibli, the Japanese animation house, gives us such fantastical films as Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving Castle, and Princess Mononoke, and a unique brand of anime that captivates audiences and excites us as improvisers. In this elective class, we will create the settings,...
Online Improv Elective: You’ve Got Game- Musical Improv Short-Form
9th May 2021
You’ve Got Game-Musical Improv Short-Form   About this Event   Ever wish you could integrate more musical improv into your online short-form shows? This workshop covers how to integrate different musical improv games with and without a musical director. If finances are standing in the way of you attending one of our workshops, we encourage...
SOLD OUT! Online Improv Elective: Messing & Mason Master Class
22nd May 2021
Online Improv Elective: Messing & Mason Master Class   About this Event   This four-hour course will have you spending 2 hours with Susan Messing and 2 Hours with Rachael Mason. Topics addressed will be specificity, character relationship, reference level and playing to the hight of your intelligence EVEN when everything is unbelievably stupid. Let’s...