Intermediate Events

Online Improv Workshop: What’s Your Story?
30th May 2021
Online Improv Workshop: What’s Your Story? with Levente Molnár   About this Event   How many words do you know? How many memories do you have? How many stories do you have? Memories and stories make connections between us. We can share our thoughts and our ideas, maybe our feelings but when we share our...
BIPOC Workshop: Question Everything
16th May 2021
BIPOC Workshop: Question Everything with Velvet Wells   About this Event   Some people still whisper that BIPOC performers “always make things political”. They’ve discounted the microaggressions we’ve faced, those moments where our offers were ignored, or worse, where the narrative yucks our yum. In this workshop, we’ll reforge our boundaries by examining and testing...
Online Beginners Musical Improv Course
1st May 2021
Online Beginners Musical Improv Course   About this Event   Musical improvisation can look like a miracle. A skilled player can make lyrics, melody and rhyme appear like magic. But the skills and practises of musical improvisation are accessible and learnable. Plus, they will add to the emotional range and commitment of all of your...
Online Improv Elective: Starting Strong
8th May 2021
Starting Strong: Starting scenes with confidence and purpose, just as you are.   About this Event   Scenes that start clearly and boldly often continue that way. Those that don’t can sometimes flounder and stutter as they try to find their game, heart or inspiration. This class will give you a range of powerful ways...
Online Improv Super-Elective: Your English is good enough!
5th May 2021
Your English is good enough! Improv course for people with lower English level   About this Event   Do you love improv, but have not tried it in English yet? You would love to, but it also scares you? Or maybe you have tried it already, but didn’t feel that comfortable? This workshop is designed...
Online Improv Super-Elective: Improvised Rap with Will Naameh
11th May 2021
Improvised Rap with Will Naameh   About this Event   Improvised rapping is one of the things improvisers find most terrifying. We’re often taught in musical improv to “not worry about rhyming, because it’s hard”. This course will help you turn that fear into joyous fun, and give you the confidence and ability to rhyme...
Online Improv Elective: Your face, your voice
24th April 2021
Your face, your voice: Character from the shoulders up   About this Event   Great scenes are at the heart of great improvisation. So let’s spend some real time on them. Ideal accompaniments to the nursery longform or narrative courses, these classes are deep-dives into particular areas of scenework. They are also great workouts for...
BIPOC Workshop: Rule of 3: Patterns, Patterns and Something Else
18th April 2021
BIPOC Workshop: Rule of 3: Patterns, Patterns and Something Else with Terrance Lamonte Rogers, Jr.   About this Event   Rule of 3: Patterns, Patterns and something else: Learn to Heighten like a #Boss After almost every improv show I’ve performed, an audience member has asked “you all rehearsed before, right?” Though improv has no...