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We run classes in improvisation for all levels from total beginners to advanced. This page should tell you everything you need to know about our classes.

Welcome to Improv: Beginners Course
26th May 2021
Welcome to Improv: Online Beginners Course with Liz Peters   About this Event   Curious to know what this ‘improv’ is all about? Or perhaps you are looking for a new way to approach creativity and teamwork? Our Beginners Course is the ideal place to start your improv journey. Focusing on basic principles of improvisation...
Online Improv Course: Advanced Puppetry
26th May 2021
Advanced Puppetry with Jennifer Jordan   About this Event   Advanced Puppetry is the perfect course for anyone looking to combine high level improvisation with the super silly world of homemade puppets. From finger puppets to objects manipulation and fully formed creatures, this course builds on the fundamentals of improvised puppetry already learned. Focusing on...
Online Improv Musical Course: Musical Narrative
25th May 2021
Musical Narrative   About this Event   FIRST TIME RUNNING Build your own musicals! This advanced music course gives you all the tools you need to sing your way through a narrative storyline. Syllabus includes: Protagonist and Antagonist songs Using song as a storytelling tool Classic song tropes e.g Want songs, Comedy Character songs, 11th...
Online Improv Workshop: What’s Your Story?
30th May 2021
Online Improv Workshop: What’s Your Story? with Levente Molnár   About this Event   How many words do you know? How many memories do you have? How many stories do you have? Memories and stories make connections between us. We can share our thoughts and our ideas, maybe our feelings but when we share our...
BIPOC Workshop: Question Everything
16th May 2021
BIPOC Workshop: Question Everything with Velvet Wells   About this Event   Some people still whisper that BIPOC performers “always make things political”. They’ve discounted the microaggressions we’ve faced, those moments where our offers were ignored, or worse, where the narrative yucks our yum. In this workshop, we’ll reforge our boundaries by examining and testing...
Online Beginners Musical Improv Course
1st May 2021
Online Beginners Musical Improv Course   About this Event   Musical improvisation can look like a miracle. A skilled player can make lyrics, melody and rhyme appear like magic. But the skills and practises of musical improvisation are accessible and learnable. Plus, they will add to the emotional range and commitment of all of your...
Online Super-Elective: Death, Dying, & Bereavement – An Improvised Journey
4th June 2021
Improvisation inspired by end-of-life traditions from around the world.   About this Event   Improvisation, like life, is a fleeting experience. The finite nature of improv is one of the huge parts of its appeal. After a period where we have all become more intimately aware of death, now seems a good time to explore...
Women’s Workshop: Voices Not Accents
23rd May 2021
Women’s Workshop: Voices Not Accents with Gem Carmella   About this Event   Women’s workshops are an open and supportive creative space. We use an inclusive definition of “woman” and “female” and we welcome genderqueer women and non-binary people who are significantly female-identified. We encourage participants to come and be bold and fearless and meet other dynamic...