Getting an Audience

One show down and we had an unexpected bonus – good-sized audience! At 5pm we had 3 people booked and a resignation to performing to a teeny audience as our voices echoed around the auditorium.

By the time we went on, we had around 30, including the oldest longform-loving Yorkshireman we’ve ever met (he’s up here doing ‘How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse’) and we met him after watching the amazing Baby Wants Candy – American musical long-form improvisers at the Assembly Rooms.

From the off, the audience seemed to be behind us, from the male ‘couple’ who offered themselves to our mercy for the Ballad (afterwards they admitted they weren’t a couple at all) to the people who encouraged our guest to elaborate when she occasionally struggled for inspiration.

Annie Fitzmaurice – our first guest – was great – she had warmth and openness in abundance and even seemed to enjoy herself (thank goodness). Our interview with her afterwards revealed that she would even consider doing it again.

The Big Belly is a great space – a sixty-seater with a deep, wide stage, and a 4 tier seating. A lot bigger than we’re used to and inviting more opportunities to create larger imaginary worlds. 

More guests being found every day so looking forward to meeting some more interesting people over the next few weeks…Anyway, back to leafleting!

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  1. Audrey Rowe

    Great. Sounds as though it went very well. Enjoy the Big Belly over the next weeks (!)

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