Guest Teacher Announcement!

The Maydays life ring logo has the name Frederic Pont in the top and bottom of the ring and on the left it reads 'Guest Teacher' on the right side 'Improv Retreat' in the centre of the ring Fred, a man can be seen in the middle of the lifering from the chest up in a grey t-shirt, he purses his lips looking surprised.

We are super excited to announce our second Guest Teacher at our 14th Annual Improv Retreat, the magnifique Frédéric Pont!

Frédéric is a comedian dedicated to improv for 20 years and a trainer and director for 15 years. After being a theatre sports player and having created many improv games, his work is now dedicated to physical performances. He performed his show ‘Decibel’ through six countries, a burlesque, wordless show.

In parallel, in 2015, he created the ‘7th Circle Company’, which performs out in unconventional places: in farms, harbours and churches, where he writes and plays his most personal pieces.

Frédéric takes each opportunity to perform and still develops his artistical practice with mime, clown, swing dance and regular workshops with world-class teachers in improvisation Joe Bill (USA), Loose Moose Theatre (Canada), Patti Styles (Australia), Yuri Ukinawa (Japan).

He is the artistic director of WISE and Gouarek festivals, two of the largest impro summer conventions in France.


To have the chance to work and play with Fred this October, you’ll have to be quick to snag a place, as we only have 4 twin rooms available! Grab your spot here.
Scholarship applications close on 1st October, apply here.