Improv Shows at the Brighton Fringe: Heather’s ill-informed guide

Improv shows


Improv is all about supporting your scene partner so let’s get out there and support our fellow improvisers by checking out their improv shows in the Brighton Fringe this month. Since I am not allowed to read the full Fringe Brochure (because of The Maydays ‘Fringe Show) this list is based on the results returned from a search of improv shows on the Fringe website. I have included all the dates, times and weblinks of each show but not the prices, ooh I’m sneaky. If I’ve missed any let me know and I’ll update. So ladies and gentlemen, here is my ill-informed guide…

HumanMachine: Artificial Improvisation

21 May 15:00 19:00

I know Piotr from musical improv in London and I’m fascinated to see his solo (or not?) improv show that involves improvising with a real robot. He was on before us at improfest and the audience looked v happy on the way out. Spoiler alert – he has a good costume.

Notflix – Waiting For The Call: The Improvised Musical

3 Jun 19:15

4 Jun 17:15

I’m ashamed to admit that despite them being around for ages and being one of the hardest working bunches out there, I’ve never seen Notflix’s full show. However knowing them as individual improvisers,this should be a wild success. They have incredible energy and boy can those gals sing.

Jack Left Town: The Improvised Rock Documentary

28-29 May 14:30

A new one on me, but I happened to get drunk with two of Jack Left Town a few weeks ago and as a result, we are now doing a Concept gig with them in London. It’s an improvised Spinal Tap tribute though – so it can’t be bad in my opinion.

C.S.I: Crime Scene Improvisation – The Chandeliers

6-7, 13-14 May 14:00

The Chandeliers have got some super improvisers in their crew and they’ve been doing their CSI format for a good long while now so I expect this to be a super slick format improv show. Like Notflix, these guys are always playing live shows, working hard and honing their craft, respec’.

Any Suggestions, Doctor?: An Improvised Adventure in Space & Time

25-28 May 18:00

I don’t know this group at all so I will def go and check them out in the Fringe. Fellow Mayday and Dr Who nut Chris Mead needs to go to this too. I just watched their kickstarter video though and that made me laugh and I know from experience it is very hard to make kickstarter videos that make anyone laugh.

One Board Man – Improvdrinkov

23-27 May 19:00

It’s an improvised one man theatre show. I don’t know this artist but I thought the write up looked great. It’s great to see Improv listed under theatre and I hope this show pushes some boundaries the way it sounds like it could. Exciting.

Ahtuf Kontrol

10, 17, 24 May 19:00

Another non comedy contender. Improvised music with improvised contemporary dance. I am so in. But I can’t make any of the dates. Can you please go and tell me what happened?

City Impro by the sea

13-14, 29 May 13:00

City Impro are the super team behind the Shoreditch Improv Festival. I hope they’ve had a rest since then cos they deserve it but they probably haven’t. City Impro do a shortform improv show and they do it well.

Off the Top – Soho Playhouse Inc

6, 12, 14 May 19:30

I wasn’t sure if this one was improvised but it promises to talk about improv and the brain which is cool in my book.

Google Drive – Dan Attfield

1-3 Jun 22:00

Dan Attfield is one of the nicest men in improv. We know him through his super music skills with Abandoman and the RH Experience so it is really exciting to see him going solo. Highly recommended from me because I said so.

Off the Cuff: Crime and Funishment

11-14 May 20:00

Off the Cuff our Brighton improv brothers and sisters are back with an improv show I haven’t seen yet but very much intend to. It’s always cool when veteran troupes keep pushing the envelope of what’s possible in improv. Also I think we should arrange a Sharks and Jets style midnight pier fight with them and Crime Scene Impro.

Playback Impro – A Drunken Sailor/ Laughing Horse

20-21, 27-28 May 13:00

I went see this one (or maybe two) Brighton Fringes ago and loved it. 1. They wear pajamas. 2. I love playback. 3. I loved their gentle style and really felt cared for as an audience member. Go check ‘em out.

The Petting Zoo presents Zootube

27-28 May 21:30

I have heard great things about The Petting Zoo. Here they present an improv show inspired by online videos. Like rudetube but with Improv and without Alex Zane so much better then. Also, an improv company that can actually work out how to use a projector are my heroes automatically.


9-10 May 19:30

This looks right up my street but I can’t go because I’ll be teaching musical improv which is what these guys are doing..weeeiiiiirrrdddd….spoookkkyyy. Or maybe not, cos everyone is doing it cos it’s cos it’s cool. So if you’re not in a Maydays class those two nights (why not?) go to this instead.

So that’s it! I’m sure I’ve missed some so drop me a line if you need inclusion and of course don’t forget to check out The Maydays in both the Fringe Show at the Komedia (May 5th and June 2nd) and Happily Never After at the Warren(18th – 20th May)


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