Hello Liverpool!


The awesome Emma Bird recently set up Liverpool Comedy Improv weekly drop-in in association with The Maydays. Just months old, it’s already proving pretty popular…

‘I recently relocated from Brighton to my hometown a few months ago. Liverpool has changed a lot in the 22 years since I last lived here. It’s a very hipster, independently minded, café culture type of place now (sound familiar you Brighton / Shoreditch types?!) Tiny echoes of the past still remain – poor housing stock, lower employment and income than in the South East etc. Oh, and rain, lots of rain…

But one thing that’s definitely still the same (and alas I had forgotten this) is how much banter and friendliness exists. There’s so many funny people knocking about! I honestly thought this was a stereotype of Scousers, but I’ve found it to be true so far. Everywhere I go, I overhear witty one liners. A random snippet I heard the other day was two old fellas on a bench. One of them says: ‘Have you ever eaten pigeon?’ ‘Nah,’ says his mate. ‘Tastes like liver,’ says the first fella. ‘I hate liver,’ says his mate. Deadpan. An improviser and writer’s dream!

Setting up Liverpool Comedy Improv weekly drop-in has been wonderful for me, because it’s a great opportunity for people here to capture and explore their (dare I say it) ‘natural’ funny bones. It’s specifically sharp and sassy short-form, but future Maydays intensives will offer long-form, music, Shakespeare… a whole beautiful kit ‘n caboodle range of improv goodness.

I’ve already had a successful session where there were some stand-ups, a musician, a couple of students, a writer, a magician! I’d normally be a bit wary of stand-ups in an improv session – their individual craft doesn’t always transfer well into the spirit of improvisation – but it went down a storm and I reckon they’ll be back for more.

Working in association with The Maydays is great. They can bring much experience and support to a fledgling weekly improv idea that hopefully will blossom and add to the cultural provision this city already offers. Improv is still relatively niche here, although Impropriety are ace and gig frequently, but it’s all still a little bit underground. However, I am confident that word will soon spread, and Liverpool Comedy Improv weekly drop-in will become the place to, ‘come ‘ed get yer funny on!’

If you’re interested why not check out a class? Find us on Facebook www.facebook.com/liverpoolcomedyimprov or at www.liverpoolcomedyimprov.co.uk.

Emma x


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