Improv classes: Six lessons improv can teach you

Improv classes

We know that improv classes are not just about laughing and meeting people, but it is lovely to hear it direct from one of our students. We see our students go on their own journeys as they come back each week.  Some seem to gain confidence, others are less pushy, rude, quiet or awkward when on ‘stage’ but it can be difficult for us to find out how this is changing their everyday life. Katrina Quinn sums it up nicely for us in these six lessons she has learnt from our recent Longform Beginners course:

1. Say yes!

2. Let your body speak (and listen to it)

3. Less is often more 

4. Relationship is key

5. There is no wrong answer

6. Everything you need is in you

She goes into more detail in her full blog here

We would love to hear from you if you have taken one of our improv classes and feel the benefit in your life! Send us an email and we might even feature you on our site.

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