Improv Musical Selection Box: Meet your teachers

More about the improv musical selection box

Improv Musical Selection Box: Meet your teachers

This year we are excited to bring you not one but three holiday time intensives! Here we meet the teachers of the improv musical selection box. We find out about their class and what they are hoping to get from Santa!


So, who are the teachers of the improv musical selection box? (so far)


Cy Barlow of Unscrewed Theater in Tucson

Nelson Velasquez of Improductions LLC in Chicago

Lloydie James Lloyd from Rhymes against Humanity and The Maydays of course!

and our very own Maydays MD Joe Samuel

Plus more TBC


What is your favourite kind of chocolate in a selection box and why?


Cy: You had me at chocolate

Nelson: Cadbury Roasted Almond or Diary Milk. It’s a premium here in the US and my favorite chocolate of all time!

Lloydie: Anything with marzipan in it – or booze – or both

Joe: The ones that other people like so I can deny them pleasure


What are you teaching improv musical and why did you choose it for the selection box?


Cy: I’m teaching musical characters. I chose it because it’s such a fun way to bridge non-musical improv into the world of improvised singing (which can be frightening). You’re not singing… your character is!

Nelson: “Croon With Your Character” – Over the years I’ve seen a lot of folks losing character traits that can enhance not only the performance of their singing but also the delivery of their song. I want to show how to keep those characteristics while singing and overcoming the disconnection of Zoom.

Lloydie: Three musical forms – because it’s always good to have a variety of different types of song in your musical tool belt.

Joe: Music, I do music


Complete this sentence: Improv musical is like a box of chocolates…


Cy: I want all of it!

Nelson: It’s super expensive at first to to acquire but eventually the pay-off is worth it at the end.

Lloydie: it’s way to easy to binge it

Joe: No it isn’t


What is the biggest gift that doing improv musical online brings?


Cy: Laughing with new friends you might never have gotten to meet otherwise!

Nelson: ANYBODY CAN PRODUCE CONTENT! With online improv, the gatekeepers to showcasing talent have been removed. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be putting content out right now and continuing to hone your craft for a new medium.

Lloydie: Connection of people all around the world.

Joe: A break from the real world


If you could have one improv superpower for Christmas what would it be?


Cy: A passable Australian accent.

Nelson: Know how to grow my Youtube channel ( Getting subscribers has been difficult 😉

Lloydie: I think I’d like to be improv super-duo TJ and Dave. Not just one of them – I’d like to be both of them. No, I have no idea how this would work but it’s a superpower so I’m rolling with it

Joe: Does a PS5 count as an improv superpower?


What are you most looking forward to this Christmas, improv or otherwise?


Cy: Extra time away from work to play with fun people from all over the world.

Nelson: Hopefully getting new leadership in the US. 2020 has been a long 4 years 😉

Lloydie: Seeing my Dad. He’s my hero.

Joe: Peace and goodwill to all.


Our improv musc selection box runs from December 27th-Dec 3oth from 7pm til 9.30pm UK time. You can book here and also check out our other online improv selection boxes.

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