Improv Shows at the Brighton Fringe 2020

Brighton from the air

It’s around two months before Brighton Fringe 2020 kicks-off, and, oh, how things have changed for improv over the past 15 years! When The Maydays took part in their first improv show at the Marlborough Pub theatre, we were one of a tiny handful of improvisation companies in the area, which included Off the Cuff, Random Acts Theatre company, and the Mirthworms.  Since then, we’ve won a Brighton Fringe comedy award and created so many new shows it’s hard to keep track.

Most excitingly, we’ve seen the Brighton improv scene grow and develop beyond recognition; not only becoming a breeding ground for new companies, but also – at Fringe time – become a host for an ever-increasing number of improv-visitors. Whether it be a recently-formed group wishing to try out new material at one of the free-fringe venues, or a very established company on a UK tour, there is something to please any improv-afficionado. And, the sheer variety of shows in the fringe: improv game shows, genre shows, short-form shows – even an A.I.-based performance, means that even if you have never dipped your toe into this type of spontaneous offering before, you’re bound to find a show that you love.

According to my research, there are approximately twenty-four improv shows at this year’s fringe, and that doesn’t even include immersive games, or shows that are partially improvised. There’s two Shakespeare shows, three crime-based shows, there’s Hiphop, musicals, documentaries, and improvised myths. At least six are based in Brighton, or have Brighton improvisers in them, and – to be honest – there’s probably more I’ve missed.

Anyway, if you fancy checking out some improv, for the first time or the zillionth time, I’ve compiled a handy list by date and time, so you can see what matches up with your no-doubt busy-busy schedule.  You can view it on it’s own page here or see it below.  If you feel you have been left out, or notice an error, do let us know!

Brighton Fringe 2020
Show Venue Date Time
Extreme Improv Laughing Horse: Caroline of Brunswick link 10th/11th/12th 7:00pm
Shakeitup:The Improvised Shakespeare Show Laughing Horse:The Walrus link 2nd/3rd/11th/12th 7:15pm
The Badge: An Improvised Cop Show The Warren:Blockhouse link 11th/15th/16th 8:00pm
Gamez Presents: Improv Smackdown The Warren: The Burrow link 21st/23rd/24th/25th 10:30pm
Improbotics The Warren: Theatrebox link 22nd-25th 2:30pm
Sex, Lies and Improvisation The Warren: The Burrow link 22nd-25th 7:30pm
Improv Deathmatch The Warren: The Nest link 15th-18th 7:45pm
Impromptu Shakespeare The Warren: The Blockhouse link 2nd/21st-23rd 8:00pm
CSI: Crime Scene Improv The Warren: The Hat link 23rd/24th/30th/31st 6:00pm
Stealing the Show: The Improvised Heist Comedy The Warren: Theatrebox link 22nd-25th 5:30pm
Track 96 Improvised Hip Hop Laughing Horse: The Temple Bar link 8th/9th 11:15pm
The Silliad: Improvised Myths and Legends The Warren: The Nest link 8th-10th 6:15pm
Heartland Laughing Horse: The Temple Bar link 8th-10th 1:15pm
Do the Thing: The Made up Musical The Warren: The Nest link 1st-3rd/30th 7:45pm
Classic Them Presents: A Slice of Life Sweet Werks 1 link 8th-10th 1:25pm
Multiverse Musical The Electric Arcade: The Gaiety link 8th-10th/15th 8:00pm
Laugh Island The Warren:The Nest link 22nd-25th 7:45pm
Acaprov Laughing Horse:The Walrus link 8th-10th/16th 3:30pm
Music Box Brighton Toy and Model Museum link 1st/2nd 8:30pm
High School (not a) musical Sweet Werks 2 link 3rd/10th/17th/24th 2:30pm
The Maydays Present: Happily Never After The Warren: The Hat link 17th/25th 7:45/6:00pm
The Maydays Present: The Fringe Show The Komedia: Studio Bar link 1st/17th/25th 7:30pm
Documentary The Warren: The Nest link 4th/5th/8th/9th 7:45/1:45pm
Starry Starry Eyes The Warren: The Blockhouse link 12th-14th 8:00pm
There There The Electric Parade: The Pit link 2nd-5th 10:00pm
The Hunt for the Smoking Caterpillar The Richmond link 4th 1:00pm+