Improv Symposium

A what?  Yes, an improv symposium.  The Maydays are holding a geek-out event for all the impro(v) shows in Edinburgh this year.  We have some rather exciting names there such as Baby Wants Candy, Showstopper and Mike McShane off the tele.  We’ll wax lyrical about making stuff up, swap numbers and eat cake.  We’ve been running around Edinburgh leaving messages at the box offices of elusive shows and begging brilliant guests to come along and join the panel.  So if you’re an improviser and want to come along, do contact us.  The symposium is tomorrow: Tuesday 24th August at Underbelly Cowgate 11:30am.  We’ve been discussing the different reactions we’ve had to invites we’ve sent out – the companies that read the email and are dead excited about the idea and those that don’t and think they’re being invited to do 10 minutes of entertainment.   We particularly love American House Party who sound almost more enthusiastic than us!  Donuts, muffins, cupcakes, apple pies… f**k the script and love the improv.  Oh, and tonight’s Guest Who is Rob Rouse.  Rock on!