Improv Training Formats

Pure Business Improv Training
Advanced Improv Skills for Business

This is our pure and simple improvisation training format which can be delivered to small groups of ten people or more. Improvisation is such a powerful tool that its applications are almost endless. We challenge you to think up any situation which improvisation would not improve!
We give you two trainers per group of 10-20 delegates and deliver a session which introduces them to improvisation. We can give you pure improvisation which will deliver a wide range of transferable skills, or we can emphasise the specific leadership and management skills you are looking to enhance.
With skilled improviser-trainers on hand, we will boost confidence in introverts and extroverts alike. Our improv activities will be carefully selected to fit the skills and background of delegates, your corporate or organisational objectives, and the mood in the room on the day.
(2 – 6 hours per session)What we love about this format: The core principles of improv have so much to offer corporate environments. Your delegates will make lots of progress in a short space. The experiential approach is lots of fun, but the take-outs can be extremely profound.

Interactive Improv Keynote

This format is a really nice blend of a keynote style address and experiential learning. We will open with a scene or a song to capture the imagination and reinforce the day’s theme. Then we get the whole room up and collaborating their way through a set of exercises to raise active listening, trust, team spirit and much more.
This works easily for up to 1,000 delegates and more if you have the space. Delegates spend much more time building their skills than they do sitting there listening. The ratio of watching/listening to actively participating is about 20:80. You’ll get laughter, engagement and group thinking from this session.
(30 mins – 1 hour)What we love about this format: This is great for giving your entire delegation a powerful shared moment, and for building organisation-wide trust and collaboration. It helps people to experience target behaviours for themselves.

Top tip: Use the interactive keynote as a way of intensifying a new corporate message or emerging company culture.

Improv-based conference energisers

Given the cost of putting on a large-scale event, it is well worth ensuring everyone is listening!
The Maydays will deliver a lively, totally experiential and interactive energiser to invigorate your audience just when they risk slumping the most… the morning after the night before, straight after lunch or just before the final and all-important CEO speech!
To deliver the winning energiser, we’ll consult with you to find out what’s happening before and after, who your audience is, and any characteristics you can share with us. Then we’ll select a short, high-energy, tried and tested improv activity from our huge list. The energiser might only last 10 minutes, but that’s plenty of time to fire them up, get them laughing, listening, refreshed and ready for the next bit. We usually deliver our energisers to up to 1,000 delegates at a time, but there’s no actual upper limit.
(5 minutes – 20 minutes)

What we love about this format: How we take the room from quiet to energised and engaged in about 30 seconds.

Top tip: Pepper our energisers throughout your programme to keep energy up and provide a thread of improvised joy through your event

Maydays Improv Training Experience

This is our trademark experience which provides you with at least 5 Maydays including an improvisational pianist. We start by showcasing what we do, usually in the form of an improvised song which is created in the moment based on an audience suggestion. Then we surprise your delegates by announcing that they’re now going to learn how to improvise. We launch into a fully experiential training sequence which either builds pure improvisation skills, or additionally focusses on a target skillset.This format is great for 20 – 200 delegates per group, and we can deliver multiple sessions concurrently and/or consecutively to train around 1,500 – 2,000 delegates per half day. The usual overall duration is between 45 minutes (minimum) and 6 hours (maximum teaching time per day)

Maydays Improv Training & Show Experience

Easily our most popular format which is based on the Maydays Improv Training Experience. However there is a twist. This session ends with your people performing alongside The Maydays in a show which is supported by live, improvised music. This creates stars out of your staff, and celebrates the determination and self-confidence of those who are prepared to step out of their comfort zones. This option also creates a really memorable day and bonds the team together. 20 – 70 delegates at a time.
(45 mins – 6 hours per session)

What we love about this format: It feels like high challenge and a big step outside comfort zones, whereas in fact we make it totally safe and everyone feels supported and uplifted by their achievements and ‘distance travelled’.

Top tip: Try and plan the session length so that everyone has their chance to step up at the end.

Your Organisation – The Musical!

When the hard day’s work is over, you’ll often top off your event with some form of entertainment. If you invite us back for the evening slot, we’ll put on a show like no other: one which is totally built around you and your people, live and in the moment.

The Maydays will perform a mind-blowing, totally improvised show based on suggestions your delegates give us on the night, or drawn from your event, your programme or your corporate brochure. It might feel like a West-End Musical or be a series of funny sketches based on your everyday reality.

Usually from 100 to 500 delegates.
(10 minutes – 1 hour)

What we love about this format: You’ll get to see exactly what The Maydays are capable of when fully unleashed. It’s the best combination of live, improvised, clever musical entertainment but it’s also ALL about you and your organisation.

Other Improvised Shows and Performances

The Maydays are one of the world’s most renowned improv troupes and we love a challenge. There is practically nothing we can’t do around the subject of improvisation and improvised performance. We can simply perform for you, or also make your people the stars of the show and have them accomplish things they previously thought impossible. We can also give you a Whose Line Is It Anyway-style show based on audience suggestions, or something quite different that you have in mind. Put us to the test with your own ideas, and we’ll propose a winning solution.
We can work with any size of event, with almost any kind of desired outcome, and craft an highly memorable and totally relevant experience.

Top tip: People expect The Maydays to be amazing, but give the audience a real surprise by getting your top executives up on stage too. We’ll make them the heroes of the moment and company legends for years to come.

 Do you have something else in mind? Contact us and let us know. We’ll come back to you with our ideas and fully priced proposal.

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