Improvisation Training for Business: Workplace Happiness

Improvisation is a whole lot of fun, as you’ll know if you’ve attended one of our shows. When we’re not treading the boards somewhere in the world, we’re often training others how to do it. One of our missions in life is to bring some serious happiness to people’s lives. And this remit doesn’t stop at the boundary between business and pleasure.

by Richard Bradford

Workplace happiness, also referred to as employee engagement, positive psychology and employee satisfaction is a popular organisational development indicator. Research has shown that there is a considerable correlation between true happiness and engagement, and output and productivity at work.

But for workplace happiness to really have any effect on your business, it’s really important for all sorts of reasons that it’s genuine. Happiness is a way of thinking, and a way of being, and The Maydays have this by the bucket load. The improvisation training for business programmes we offer run from a couple of hours of a taster session, through to much longer programmes of 3-5 days, repeated at regular intervals. We’re asked to do this because workplace happiness isn’t something where you want your people to say “I remember that day we did ages ago. That was fun”.

Workplace Happiness: Culture change not corporate entertainment

What we need here, is a feeling of workplace happiness which permeates every part of the workplace and which is woven into the fabric of the building and its people. So rather than lurching from one happy corporate training event to another, hoping to pull people up to a happy place, and keep them there before the next external assessment, we help you to build some grassroots, bottom up happiness, as it were.

We achieve this by genuinely and permanently changing people’s perceptions about life, themselves, their work colleagues, and their work environment. That’s no small thing. Improvisation training for business in this sense is no different from improvisation training for anyone else: it starts with a spark of excitement, danger, audacity and guilty pleasure inside a human being. Improvisation training taps into the child in all of us. Improvisation training takes us to a happy place which makes us giggle and laugh like we’ve not laughed in years. During our sessions, we literally have people on the floor, laughing uncontrollably until they cry. That amount of joy, through dropping the work persona and rediscovering your colleagues as supportive friends, is magical, exhilarating and, we would argue, unparalleled in any other training format.

Workplace Happiness: How we embed learning

But why does it have a lasting effect? Mainly, it’s because we penetrate deeply into people’s psyche, and we do this very quickly. We make people feel very, very safe doing something which generally is right out of their comfort zone. We make heroes out of everyone. We celebrate their wins and, for the purpose of these exercises, their fails. You step inside a bubble of positivity where you cannot get it wrong. Now most of us have not experienced this much unconditional adoration, success and freedom since childhood, if ever. And that creates a lasting impression.

Added to that, we provide our improvisation training for business within your workplace, which allows us to connect the content to your workplace challenges. Furthermore, our approach will have everyone collaborating regardless of the silo they work in or their previous working relationships and associated emotional baggage. There is simply no going back. The longer the sessions and the more frequently we work with you, the more impressive the result.

Finally, what we deliver is highly impactful because we’re all practising improvisers. We’re doing this every day, in the UK and around the world. We live and breathe it, and it shows.

Call us today, and we’ll put a solution and bespoke proposal together which will put a smile on your face. And everyone else’s.

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