It’s Fringe Time and Look What Improv’s Got For You!!

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It’s Fringe Time and Look What Improv’s Got For You!!

It’s nearly that time again! Rehearsal rooms are buzzing, improv minds are racing, costumes are being ironed and technicians and flyering teams are limbering up! Yes, it’s Brighton Fringe – just a few short days away.

Last Thursday, I was hanging out at Brighton Open Air Theatre (B.O.A.T.) for their season launch and to blab about Impromptu Shakespeare’s show, and I felt the first buzz of excitement for the melting pot of creativity that is the Fringe (that, and the free wine). 

Walking around the city, I see the lamp-post boards are up and – as yet – in one piece, and the Fringe poster boards at the North Street end of New Road are full of colourful poster art. And even though The Maydays aren’t OFFICIALLY in the fringe this year, I feel like we’re kind of kicking it off, as Tonight’s Top Story is at the Komedia on Friday 5th May (Come along! We’re only doing it a few times this year!).

Anyway, here’s my lowdown on improv at the Fringe. As always, apologies if I miss a show – please do you use the comment section here or on social media to add anything I’ve missed or to big up a show that you know!


The SHOWS: In date order (sort of)

(WA=wheelchair accessible)

The Maydays: Tonight’s Top Story – Komedia Studio Bar

7.30 pm – 5th May (doors 7 pm)

We take the fascinating local news stories from the Brighton area AND possibly that time YOU featured in YOUR local paper, and turn them into hilarious sketches and songs!


Extra Topping Comedy Showcase – Sweet @thePoets

9pm – 5th, 6th, 12th, 13th, 26th, 27th May

Your charming and funny host, Simon Topping, introduces you to a smorgasbord of alternative comedy, improv, sketch, physical comedy and stand-up. 

Acaprov: the improvised a cappella musical – Laughing Horse @theWalrus 

4pm – 6th, 7th, 8th May

There are no musical instruments, folks! This is super musical improv using beatboxing, rapping, body percussion and even, yes, you’ve guessed it, singing!

Minority Report – The Actors

7.30pm – 6th, 7th May

“Join Minority Report, London’s top multicultural improv troupe… as they ask you to suggest a location and answer a few questions. Then …watch as their hilarious sketches transport you in an hour of improvised comedy.”

The Extra-ordinary Time-travelling Adventures of Baron Munchausen – Spiegel Tent/Bosco

2pm – 6th, 7th, 8th May, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th June

It’s for kids (and big kids) ‘Imagine Jackanory meets Whose Line Is It Anyway’


Do The Thing: Up to, But Not Exceeding, 10 Musicals – Caravanserai: Luna Parc

3pm – 7th, 8th May

Do The Thing bring extraordinarily witty minds and verbal acrobatics to musical numbers and sketches.


Sabotage (improvised comedy game-show) – Laughing Horse @theWalrus

6.45pm – 7th, 14th May

An Improvised comedy gameshow from the people who brought your CSI: Improvisation

Yes Anderson – Presuming Ed’s

8th (8pm), 14th  17th(8pm), 20th(1.45pm) 21st(8pm), 27th(4.15pm) May

A super Wes Anderson homage with some beautifully realised characters and hilarious storytelling..

It’s a Trap! The Improvised Star Wars Show – Rotunda: Bubble

7.30pm – 12th May

All things that come out of Nottingham are great, therefore this is going to be great.


Film Club: An Improvised Comedy – Laughing Horse@theWalrus

5.30pm – 14th, 21st, 28th May & 4th June

“Recreating high-stakes scenes from your favourite movies!”

Impromptu Shakespeare – B.O.A.T. (Brighton Open Air Theatre)

2pm – 14th  May

I’m in this, Jules Munns is in this – come throw balls in the Bards Breeches and make merry with our witty Shakespeare-inspired show.


Jenny Wynter: By Request – Caravanserai: Junk Poets

8.30pm – 18th, 19th, 25th, 26th May

It’s a one-woman show and it’s musical and it’s improvised. AND she’s come all the way from Australia. Wow!


CSI: Crime Scene Investigation – Caravanserei LunaParc 

20th, 21st(5pm) May & 1st June (4pm)

Stalwarts of the Brighton Fringe and hard-working flyerers, go catch these super sleuths


IMDP: the Improvised Movie Director Podcast – Laughing Horse: Temple Bar

1pm – 20th, 21st May

Each performance will be recorded and released as a podcast!

Leslie Bloom Solves a Murder – Presuming Ed’s

6.45pm – 21st, 28th May

I’ve personally met Leslie Bloom and she’s such a sweet, sweet lady – who knew she was also a top crime-fighter?

Locomotive For Murder: The Improvised Whodunnit – Brighton Open Air Theatre (B.O.A.T.)

2pm – 21st May

I have it on good authority that last year’s offering from this company was simply top-notch and you should go.


Phyllida Sings – Sweet @thePoets

7.30pm – 22nd-28th May inclusive

Phyllida (AKA Phil Lunn) has been singing and teaching improvisationally for many years, and now we have Phyllida for a whole week of anecdotes and songs at Sweet!

Roadhouse Improvised (Dance Improv) – Friends Meeting House

7.30pm – 25th, 26th May

Eleanor Sikorski and Lewys Holt perform 2x20minutes sets of improvised dance.


Artifical Intelligence Improvisation – Rotunda: Bubble

6pm – 26th-29th May inclusive

Improbotics have been exploring AI and improv for waaaaay longer than ChatGPT’s been around. I’ve been doing a bit of work behind the scenes with them, and they’re creating a clever, fascinating and entertaining show.


Between Us: Sex, Lies and Improvisation – Laughing Horse: Caroline of Brunswick

7pm – 27th, 28th May 

I’ve seen this talented duo in Edinburgh a few years ago and they produced a truly beautiful story.

Bird and Tax Collector Present: Talk Radio – Laughinghorse@theWalrus

27th (3.15pm), 28th (9.30pm), 29th (3.15pm) May

It’s late-night talk radio! It’s improvised!

ComedysportzUK – Laughinghorse@theWalrus

2.45pm – 27th, 28th, 29th May

Classic competitive improv!

Flopbusters: An Improvised Comedy Movie – The Caxton Arms

6.45pm – 27th May

Leamprov back in Brighton for improvised movie time!

Mates: The Improvised 90s Sitcom – Komedia Studio Bar

27th (4.45pm), 28th (4.15pm) May 

More fun from the team who brought you ‘Between Us’


The Elephant in the Room – Caxton Arms

4.15pm – 27th, 28th May 

Whose Line Is It Anyway style-improv from the Leamprov team!

Your Flaws: The Musical – Caravanserai: Junk Poets

4.30pm – 27th, 28th May

Musical fun from the CSI Improv team.


Bla-Bla Land – Caravanserei:Junk Poets

8.30pm (30th, 31st May) & 10.15pm (2nd, 3rd June)

Brighton improv stars, Tea and Toast, bring a feel-good homage to the Oscar-winning film, La-La Land! Go see!


Notflix – Caravanserai: LunaParc

7.15pm – 31st May 

The ‘Spice Girls of Improv’ return with their classic movie-inspired musical.


Criminal – LaughingHorse@theWalrus

9.15pm – 4th June

Starring an ever-changing cast of the country’s top improv comedians. “I was frequently in hysterics” **** (The 730)

Good luck to all the improv companies performing in this year’s fringe. May the weather on New Road be clement and may the improv gods shine on you for that improv magic!

by Jenny Rowe