Jason Chin Improv Scholarship

The Maydays are awarding a scholarship to the Maydays Improv Retreat (23rd – 27th September) in memory of our friend, teacher and mentor Jason Chin.

Jason was a huge influence on the development and spirit of the Maydays.

At a practical level our show, “Tonight’s Top Story”, was blatantly stolen from the format of “Whirled News Tonight” which Jason created and directed at iO for over ten years.

His typically open-hearted response to our plagiarism was not a fit of pique but an invitation for the whole team to come to Chicago and join the cast of Whirled News Tonight for a show!

This unforgettable deep-end experience created relationships with the Chicago improv community which continue to flourish.

Jason’s teaching us in the UK inspired us and resonates through our work to this day – he truly embodied the essence of collaboration and support

The scholarship:

Includes accommodation, meals and all classes and shows at our September Residential Improv Retreat.

The retreat takes place at Osho Leela in Dorset 5pm on 23rd September until 5pm on 27th September and normally costs £475.

If needed, the lucky winner will receive follow up coaching from the Mayday of their choice.


The sole qualifying criteria is a determination to spread open-hearted collaboration in the improv community, to carry the torch that the much loved, and greatly missed, Jason passed to us.


By email to: [email protected]

Subject: Jason Chin Scholarship

Closing date for applications August 15th.

Recipient will be announced August 21st.

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