Jason Chin Scholarship 2023

Graphic image of improviser Jason Chin as Captain America

The Maydays are awarding a diversity scholarship for the Maydays Improv Retreat (Ashorne Hill, October 2023) in memory of our friend, teacher and mentor Jason Chin.

Jason was a huge influence on the development and spirit of the Maydays.

At a practical level, our show, “Tonight’s Top Story”, was blatantly stolen from the format of “Whirled News Tonight” which Jason created and directed at iO for over ten years.

His typically open-hearted response to our plagiarism was not a fit of pique but an invitation for the whole team to come to Chicago and join the cast of Whirled News Tonight for a show!

This unforgettable deep-end experience created relationships with the Chicago improv community which continue to flourish.

Jason’s teaching us in the UK inspired us and resonates through our work to this day – he truly embodied the essence of collaboration and support

The scholarship:

Includes en-suite accommodation, meals and all classes and shows at our October Improv Retreat 2023.

The residential takes place at our amazing retreat venue, Ashorne Hill  26th-29th October 2023 and normally costs £854.00


In offering a diversity scholarship, The Maydays want to give an opportunity to someone who might not otherwise be able to afford to come on the retreat. But, most importantly, it’s a chance for US (and potentially the wider improv community) to learn from YOU

As such, we ask only 2 things from you:

  1. Why you think you should get the scholarship, (you can include improv experience but it doesn’t matter how much or little you have.)
  2. In the feedback survey – what you feel we can be doing better and how we can improve the retreat experience for you. 

That’s it. 

If you would like us to tell people about you then we’re happy to, but there’s no pressure for that to happen either before, during or after the retreat. We will also offer you the chance to feedback to us during the retreat in case there’s anything we can fix there and then.


Send by email to:

Subject: Jason Chin Scholarship 2023

By email to[email protected]

Application: The closing date for applications is 1st September 2023. The recipient will be announced on or before Monday 18th September 2023

Thanks for applying and Good Luck!

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