Jason Chin Scholarship Winner – The Maydays Retreat 2018

We are delighted to announce to announce the winner of the Jason Chin Scholarship for the Maydays Retreat September 2018 is…drumroll…Neville Bharucha, 29 years old from Mumbai, India.

On his improvisation experience Neville says ‘When I did it for the first time in 2013, I realised how much of an impact it has in the real world. Helps people listen, communicate, imagine and more than anything it helps people to let go and have fun. Improv makes people happy, period!’

He says he wants to use the Scholarship to ‘make Improv HUGE in my country. I want to teach hundreds and hundreds of people and show everyone the joy and the benefits of improv. Be it for a young teenager who wants to make people laugh, or the executive who wants to give that cracker pitch or someone who just wants to open up, or someone who is battling their own demons so they want to take their mind off something. Improv will genuinely make the world a better place, and I intend to do it, one ‘yes and’ at a time.’

So congratulations Neville, we look forward to meeting you in Dorset in September.

Don’t forget you can still book for the Maydays Retreat if you didn’t apply for the Scholarship and keep an eye out for when scholarship applications open for our March Retreat.