Laughter favours the brave.

Our most recent show was the second of our new Saturday slots at the Komedia.  No more beating ourselves up about not attracting an audience, we were sold out by Tuesday!  It was heart-warming to feel the tingling excitement as the Studio Bar filled.  Snack food was available for the first time, and to the staff’s credit, it did not disturb proceedings at all.
So, what better time to try out a totally new song format?  Sat in my privileged position at the keyboard, I was able to scan the faces of the audience as we rolled out this song…
Suffice to say, there were some bemused expressions, but also some outright belly laughs.  If there was ever an exercise in commitment on stage, then this was it.  It may not have been the funniest, cleverest or most delicately crafted song, but it had guts, and I challenge anyone to find another improv company doing the same thing. 

There were some wonderful scenes in the show that were derived from the often hilarious articles from the Argus.  It is not always a gift to have an article that makes the audience laugh in itself, but in this case, George and Jason nailed it.  Check out the “swarm edit” at the end…
I get the feeling sometimes that the audience choose obscure articles to test The Maydays.  Quite right too, what would an improvised show be without some challenging subject matter?  However, when Rebecca was reading this article, I was stumped as to how things were going to proceed.  Thank God for Heather and her baps…
All in all, the night felt like another classic example of a show being created by the audience.  What I mean is that a good, healthy full audience feeds energy onto the stage, which in turn feeds back into the audience.  A beautiful closed loop which demonstrates that what you put in to life, you get out of it.  We all put it warmth, energy and commitment, audience included, and we all reaped the rewards.
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  1. Love you voice, Jen! John, you definitely missed your calling as a rock bassist…hah hah aha. Loved it, guys! Keep it going, I say.

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