Sales Pitch & Presentation Skills Training

This course is devised specifically for small groups who need to present sales pitches or other proposals in challenging situations. It is very easy to rehearse a choreographed team presentation in the safety of your own office, but often when sales teams transpose these perfect masterpieces into the client’s office, they fail to hit the mark.

Never has the phrase “people buy people first” been more relevant than in a high-intensity pitching situation. This programme is all about presenting with a complete confidence which comes from your connection to the people in the room, and each other.

Typical take-outs

• Present on task and on message whilst remaining flexible to your client’s signals

• Listen and respond effectively to the mood in the room

• Be totally focussed and ‘in the moment’ during a high pressure pitch

• Work at a deeply instinctive level with your own colleagues

Delivery suggestions

Maydays Pure Business Improv Training
We give you two trainers per group of 10-20 delegates and deliver an sales pitch flavoured improvisation training session which will boost confidence in introverts and extroverts alike. Our improv activities will be selected to focus intently on the ‘here and now’ to help delegates to hone their skills to think and act quickly whilst retaining all their mental dexterity.
(2 – 6 hours per session)

Maydays Improv Training Experience
This is our trademark experience which provides you with at least 5 Maydays including an improvisational pianist. We start by showcasing what we do and then surprise delegates by announcing that they’re going to learn how to do it too. We launch into a fully experiential training sequence with the objective of building agility and flexibility. We’ll focus a lot on heightened listening skills and adapting to the emerging situation. For 20 – 70 delegates at time.
(45 mins – 6 hours per session)

Maydays Improv and Show Experience
Easily our most popular format, based on the Maydays Improv Training Experience (above), this ends with your delegates performing alongside The Maydays and inevitably stealing the show.  Whilst you might argue you don’t need to be up on stage and performing to close a sales deal, this approach will help remove all traces of nerves around day-to-day sales pitches, and that will come across massively with your potential clients. This option also creates a really memorable day and bonds the team together. 20 – 70 delegates at a time.
(45 mins – 6 hours per session)

Interactive Improv Keynote
For larger audiences where it simply isn’t logistically possible to deliver improv training in smaller groups, we blend a keynote style address with plenty of experiential learning. This works easily for 1000 delegates and more. We have delivered this format to 6,000 people in a (very big) room.  Delegates spend much more time building their agility skills than they do sitting there listening. The level of engagement in the room will be palpable.
(30 mins – 1 hour)

Conference Energiser using Improvisation
A lively, totally experiential and interactive energiser to get people up and active. If your theme is sales pitches and presentation, it’s all about listening, responding rapidly and keeping the conversation going, whatever curve balls you’re thrown. We’ll select an improv game from our list of around 150 different activities which will get everyone talking and listening, engaged and confident. The exercise might only last 10 minutes, but that plenty of time to wake people up, get them thinking differently ready for the next session. We usually deliver our energisers to up to 1,000 delegates at a time, but there’s no actual upper limit.
(5 minutes – 20 minutes)

Your Organisation – The Musical
Want to provide your organisation with an unforgettable end to the day? Invite us back for the evening slot, and we’ll put on a show like no other. The Maydays will perform a mind-blowing, totally improvised musical show based on a storyline your delegates give us on the night and drawing on the theme of your conference or event. The best way we can think to go out on a high. Usually from 100 to 500 delegates.
(10 minutes – 1 hour)

Your own thing
There is nothing we can’t do around the subject of improvisation and improvised performance. In the area of sales pitches and presentations, we often like to get your people up on stage to perform alongside The Maydays. We’ll make your people the stars of the show and have them accomplish things they previously thought impossible. We can also give you a Whose Line Is It Anyway-style show based on audience suggestions, or create a spectacle based on your sales brochures and marketing publications! Put us to the test with your own ideas, and we’ll propose a winning solution.

Programme logistics

[skill_bar animation=”fadeInUp” percentage=”50″ title=”Level: Works well for people already involved in sales and presentations”]

Face-to-face: Delivered with trainee(s) and facilitator(s) together in the same space

Closed group: Designed just for people from your organisation

Geographical location: Can be delivered worldwide

How to book

Contact us to tell us more about your plans and projects. If you have identified a training event already, it would help us to know the date and duration you have in mind, the number of delegates you’d like to train and any specific issues you’d like to address. We’ll then arrange a Skype or phone call to go through your details and suggest some solutions. If you like what we have to say we’ll send you a full written proposal within a couple of days.