Self-Awareness and Emotional Intelligence Skills Training

Low emotional intelligence in your staff can lead to

  • Difficult interactions between staff
  • Fear, anger or hostility
  • Negative effects on productivity
  • Absenteeism and low morale.

It takes a huge amount of energy by management and leadership teams to keep the business on track in such conditions.

In contrast, an organisation which continually invests in the development of emotional intelligence, or EQ, will see an increase over time in commitment, cohesion, engagement and productivity. More high-level resources can then be channelled into driving the business forward, rather than focussing on impediments.

This is a thought-provoking application of improvisation training which may prove to be hard-hitting and transformative for some people.

By the end of this course delegates will have:

• Worked through a sequence of activities which specifically seek to heighten self-awareness

• Developed more empathy and mutual respect for other colleagues who may have different behavioural types

• Found techniques to deal with and work collaboratively with people exhibiting different behaviours

• Developed an ability and comfort to work ‘out of character’ for the benefit of the group

Delivery suggestions

Maydays Pure Business Improv Training
We give you two trainers per group of 10-20 delegates and deliver an self-awareness and emotional intelligence-based improvisation training session which will give people a number of “a-ha!” moments throughout the day. Our improv activities will be selected to focus on self-discovery and self-awareness. Improvisation – the way The Maydays delivers it – is all about confidence and safety. So even if your delegates are having sudden and powerful moments of self-realisation, they will do so in a very safe space.
(2 – 6 hours per session)

Maydays Improv Training Experience
This is our trademark experience which provides you with at least 5 Maydays including an improvisational pianist. We start by showcasing what we do and then offer delegates the chance to get involved themselves. We launch into a fully experiential training sequence with the objective of building self-awareness and EQ. A lot of the time, the activities and the challenge will mask the deeper process underway, and it’s only towards the end of the session that people start to have deep realisations about themselves and others. Powerful stuff. For 20 – 70 delegates at time.
(45 mins – 6 hours per session)

Maydays Improv and Show Experience
Easily our most popular format, based on the Maydays Improv Training Experience (above), this ends with your delegates performing alongside The Maydays and inevitably stealing the show. As the session develops, delegates will come up against increasingly challenging activities which will be achieved through their growing self-confidence and incremental changes to their behaviour. 20 – 70 delegates at a time.
(45 mins – 6 hours per session)

Interactive Improv Keynote
For larger audiences where it simply isn’t logistically possible to deliver improv training in smaller groups, we blend a keynote style address with plenty of experiential learning. This works easily for 1000 delegates and more. We have delivered this format to 6,000 people in a (very big) room.  Delegates spend much more time building their own self-awareness through our blend of exercises than they do sitting there just listening. The mood in the room is always fascinating to observe here. Tiny sparks of realisation and moments of awakening build to an exciting crescendo.
(30 mins – 1 hour)

Your Organisation – The Show

Want to provide your organisation with an unforgettable new narrative? Invite us back for the evening slot, and we’ll put on a show like no other. The Maydays will perform a mind-blowing, totally improvised show based on a storyline your delegates give us on the night and drawing on the theme of your conference or event. If we know we’re aiming at self-awareness and a greater emotional intelligence, we use this performance to hold a mirror up to your organisation – the results may be funny, or deeply poignant and moving. Prepare for a big, big impact either way. Usually from 100 to 500 delegates.
(10 minutes – 1 hour)

Your own thing
There is nothing we can’t do around the subject of improvisation and improvised performance.We often like to get your people up on stage to perform alongside The Maydays. We’ll make your people the stars of the show and have them accomplish things they previously thought impossible. We can also give you a Whose Line Is It Anyway-style show based on audience suggestions, or create a spectacle based on your brochures and publications! Put us to the test with your own ideas, and we’ll propose a winning solution.

Programme logistics


No previous experience required

Delivered with trainee(s) and facilitator(s) together in the same space

Closed group

Designed just for people from your organisation

Geographical location

Can be delivered worldwide

How to book

Contact us to tell us more about your plans and projects. If you have identified a training event already, it would help us to know the date and duration you have in mind, the number of delegates you would like to train and any specific issues you’d like to address. We’ll then arrange a Skype or phone call to go through your details and suggest some solutions. If you like what we have to say we’ll send you a full written proposal within a couple of days.