Maydays take off at Komedia

Last night’s Maydays show at the Komedia was a fine example of how an audience can make a show take off.  The studio bar was bulging not only with people, but with a warm excitement, a radiant benevolence for the show they were about to witness.  30 paying customers were turned away at the door and it was standing room only for those lucky enough to get in at the last minute.

With the help of Adam Kidd’s booming voice over, and my typically over the top musical entrance music, The Maydays arrived on stage in a storm of almost American style applause and whooping.  I am very happy to say that the show lived up to its reception as the Maydays took articles from The Argus (Brighton’s local newspaper) and transformed them into  magical, comical and downright surreal scenes (I still don’t know what an “ash-pumper” is!).

The second half flew past in a flurry of articles, quick-fire gags and longer, 5-person scenes (examples of both on the videos).  The descent into crudity as we reached the climax of the show was fortunately approved by the audience and we ended on the line, “So you found the cream then?”.  If you were not there…use your imagination!

It was gratifying to live up to the Saturday night slot we have managed to fill at the Komedia Studio Bar, and I am sure that this contributed to the large amount of people that were coming to see us for the first time.  It really does feel like the wave of improvisation is building, and that I for one feel very excited and privileged to be paddling on my surfboard ready to catch it.

Posted by Joe Samuel