Saturdays in 2011

Happy New Year everyone – here we are in 2011 and as usual I’m wondering what the hell happened to 2010, but I suppose time flies when you’re busy and we were definitely busy. TWO new Maydays – Liz Peters and Steve Roe – both of whom have fit like Cinderella’s dirty (and perfectly-formed) feet into the crystal slipper that is the Maydays. Hmm, that sounded better in my head.

Anyway, on top of that we had a quite blindingly brilliant Edinburgh (where we met loads of very cool, talented and funny people as well as running the first ever Edinburgh Improsium). We performed at Komedia, Sanctuary Cella (RIP – sniff!), The Miller, The Marlborough, Sussex Eco Awards, Oakham, The King’s Head Islington, Osho Leela, Pavilion (with Funny Women), Brighton Improv Temple AND the Slapdash Festival in the Old Vic Tunnels. This is without even mentioning our many successful corporate gigs.

Looking forward, we are pleased and privileged to be performing at our first Maydays love-match wedding – yes the very lovely Katy and Matt from Existential Pants met during a Beginners Improv class and will be subject to yet more improvised ballads before their special day is out. (REMEMBER: forget speed-dating – just come to our classes!).

In other news we are pleased to announce that we will be moving to SATURDAYS at the Komedia from February 2011. We are also working on a new show for the May Festival and forming close links with London-based Hoopla Impro. We are running 3 courses from Spring 2011, as well as an improv surgery on the 16th Jan and soon to be announced Music weekend. There’s also talk of an even longer and more intense Improv Residential in the Autumn so keep your eyes peeled for that.

2011 is looking very promising already and we’re not into double figures yet, hope to see you at some point, watching, learning or playing with The Maydays. Happy New Year!

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