Online Improv Elective: Songs in Genre
10th July 2021
Online Improv Elective: Songs in Genre About this event Take your genre improv up to another level by adding in the magic of songs in character. Imagine a Victorian music hall number for Sherlock Holmes, Hamlet’s Prince of Denmark blues or a regency style duet between two rivals for the affections of a Mr-Darcy-a-like. This...
Online Improv Elective: Let’s Get Serious
14th July 2021
Online Improv Elective: Let’s Get Serious About this event Comedy is great, we all love it so. Though the world of improv is so much more than just comedy. Theatrical improv which taps into your personal experiences and emotions can elicit gasps and stunned silence from an audience. Playing a scene in a more dramatic...
‘IN REAL LIFE’ Monthly Musical Improv Comedy Drop-In – Brighton
4th July 2021
Brighton, UK
‘IN REAL LIFE’ Monthly Musical Improv Comedy Drop-In – Brighton About this event Your Sunday Musical joy ride is BACK! Two hours of improvising musicals with some of the most experienced teachers on the improv scene. For an audience, it looks like a miracle, for the performer it feels like flying. Starting from a single word,...
Pitch That Show
Ideas are pitched live and in the moment every night, for a brand new improvised show inspired by your suggestions. All you have to do is pick your favourite then sit back and watch The Maydays deliver the enticing never before seen show they promised, using their unique blend of improvised comedy, music and theatre....
The Fringe Show
Taking the Brighton Fringe brochure as their inspiration, The Maydays create an entirely new show every night. Each evening, the audience are asked to choose performances and events from the fringe guide. Tours, workshops, comedy, cabaret, theatre or circus – The Maydays will take any offer from the hat and give it their own special...
Happily Never After
An Improvised Gothic Musical Tale Award-winning improvisers, The Maydays, present ‘Happily Never After’: a twisted musical tale inspired by the likes of Tim Burton and The Brothers Grimm. Starting with your suggestion, The Maydays weave a fantastical story, dripping with black comedy, gut-clenchingly playful characters and haunting live music, that’s different every time. After delighting...
Tonight’s Top Story
5th April 2024
Brighton, UK
5th July 2024
Brighton, UK