Chris Mead

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Chris Mead

Chris Mead is a UK-based performer and theatre-maker who teaches and coaches improvisation in London and around the world.

He studied theatre at Royal Holloway College, University of London and improvisation at iO and The Annoyance Theatre in Chicago. 

Chris is Artistic Director of The Nursery Theatre, a space in London dedicated to improv as a theatrical art form. He is a member of the internationally-renown ensemble The Maydays, one-third of sci-fi collective Project2 and co-founded Unmade Theatre Co to pursue new projects as a director and performer. 

Chris is also the host of YesBot, a podcast about the theory and craft of improv. His most recent project is The Improv Place, a social network specifically for improvisers which he co-founded with Katy Schutte.

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