Jenny Haufek

Jenny took her first improv class when she was 13. She loved it, and she carried on studying at Youth Theatre Northwest, in Washington, USA, until she was 18. Then, she decided to study Comparative Religions at University. After graduation, she fell in love, and relocated to the UK. She has since had two lovely children and reacquainted herself with improv. She’s been performing with Blanket Fort for the past 3 years, focusing on long-from, Harolds and Peruvian juggling. Also, she’s been lucky enough to train with The Maydays, and has attended their residential improv week at Osho Leela for the past 4 years. She loves clowning, and has studied with Dr Brown, La Nevet Bete, and is a founding member of The Brighton Clown Club. She is currently working at The Dharma School, in Patcham, where she teaches Drama.