Stalking Celebrities and Staying up til 4am

Today we chased Simon Callow down the street so we could ask him to be in our show. He very politely told us ‘no’ but we still felt slightly proud we had even tried. I saw him first and we stopped to ‘pretend’ we were chatting whilst Katy looked him up on her iphone (the extent of our knowledge of Simon Callow went as far as Four Weddings and a Funeral and a general awareness that he was impressive).

By the way – to all those celebrities we haven’t yet approached: the correct response to being asked to be in our show is not a sudden booming laugh followed by a shake of the head whilst scampering in the opposite direction.

But no matter, tonight we had the lovely Isabel Hertaeg – Australian cabaret artist and deviser of the show ‘La Petit Mort – The Orgasm’. She came out with some brilliant stories about being sick on family holidays, the virtues of walnuts and searching for Puffins!

Incidentally, last night we were leafleted by a small boy on the Royal Mile at 10.30pm for an award-winning drag act. 

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  1. Audrey Rowe

    Well done for asking, but I’m not surprised at his response!!!!I guess he costs real money……

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