The Maydays 15th Annual Improv Retreat – Meet your Teacher – Jenny Rowe!

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Our October Improv Retreat is going to be here before you know it and with the retreat almost Sold Out, we’d like to introduce you to your improv teachers who you’ll be playing with this year. Next up, our smasher, Jenny Rowe!

Hey Jen, what’s the feeling like in the Maydays camp the night before the retreat kicks off?

It’s a bit like Christmas and going on holiday all wrapped up together, which means, personally, there’s last minute admin, I can’t sleep because I’m excited and I end up packing and making notes until the small hours. 


Is there a particular part of the retreat that you’re most looking forward to?

I LOVE the buzz of that first day when everyone is getting together, meeting for the first time, meeting after a year, meeting after many years or meeting only after knowing each other online. Also, puddings.


For someone that has never been before & is tempted to join us in October, but is feeling a little nervous to push that Book Now button, what advice would you give?

I think the retreat is really special. And so much fun, and so challenging (plus the grounds of Ashorne Hill are beautiful!) 
We really strive for it to be welcoming and comfortable for old and new retreaters – including Buddying up experienced people with first-timers so that you know someone right from the off.
I like that we also have a quiet space if you need to get away from it all (hello introverts, I am one of you!), and try to make someone available during the day if you need any help.


We offer the Jason Chin Scholarship each year, why should people apply?

The diversity scholarship is there to help us learn how we can best accommodate and welcome a diverse range of people to the retreat. By applying for the scholarship, you may be thinking you’re doing it for yourself (and of course you are!) but secretly you’re also doing it for us, to help us learn and become better improvisers (and retreat organisers!). If you’re thinking about applying, please just do it, we’d love to hear from you!


For those returning to the retreat for another 3-days of joy, what can they expect from our 15th residential?

Exciting new stuff, comfortable old stuff; improvisational challenges, explorations & experiments, immersive sessions, side-coaching, some fantastic new teachers and some fantastic new improvisers to play with.


What’s one of the funniest moments from previous years for you?

There are so may funny moments in every class and showcase (yeah, what a cop-out), but a recent one would be Gerry and Vicky moving a mimed box onto the stage…for a looong time. I was crying with laughter.


What’s one of the most magical moments from previous years?

Probably having Jason Chin in Chicago as our guest monologist via our previous venue’s not-entirely-reliable internet connection. Also, many, many times in the singing classes.


Sum up The Maydays Improv Retreat in a little one-liner

A spontaneous fun-buffet.


To join us at this year’s Improv Retreat, grab one of the last spots here or apply for the Jason Chin Scholarship here, entries open until 1st September – we can’t wait to meet you, see you again and most of all play!