The Maydays 15th Annual Improv Retreat – Meet your Teacher – Rebecca MacMillan

Our October Improv Retreat is a week TODAY! So let’s finish off our Meet The Teachers with one of our founding members, Rebecca MacMillan!


Hey Rebecca, what’s the feeling like in the Maydays camp the night before the retreat kicks off?

A sense of wonderment and excitement! We are here again, about to meet friends old and new, let’s give them the BEST time.


For someone who has never been before & is tempted to join us in October, but is feeling a little nervous to push that Book Now button, what advice would you give?

Go for it! Take a look at the feedback we’ve received in the past, and know that we have a really high number of people who come back again, sometimes year after year after year, because there’s something really special about it. If you’re nervous about improvising because you’re new, we always make sure we have something suitable for beginners running and I can’t think of a better way to launch yourself into learning improv than this.


Describe the experience in a nutshell.

You’ll surprise yourself, you’ll be stretched, you’ll make friends, you’ll make discoveries, you’ll be inspired, and you’ll probably at times feel slightly overwhelmed, but I can almost say for sure you’ll be very glad you made the decision to come. You will become improv!


To join us at this year’s Improv Retreat, grab one of the last spots here  – we can’t wait to meet you, see you again and most of all play!