The Maydays 15th Annual Improv Retreat – Meet your Teacher – Joe Samuel!

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Our October Improv Retreat is going to be here before you know it and with the retreat almost Sold Out, we’d like to introduce you to your improv teachers who you’ll be playing with this year. First up, our Master of Music, Mr Joe Samuel!

Hey Joe, what’s the feeling like in the Maydays camp the night before the retreat kicks off?

A mixture of last minute furious admin, responding to questions and liaising with the venue, and sheer excitement that we get to do our favourite thing all over again.

Is there a particular part of the retreat that you’re most looking forward to?

There are always magic moments in the workshops but I like the small little chats in the bar after the shows best.

For someone that has never been before & is tempted to join us in October, but is feeling a little nervous to push that Book Now button, what advice would you give?

It is for you, whoever you are, you will find your own journey and meet people and learn things about yourself that you never knew before.

We offer the Jason Chin Scholarship each year, why should people apply?

We love to spread the word of Improv, especially to those who have difficulty accessing it.  The Improv world needs you and we would love to help you access it.

For those returning to the retreat for another 3-days of joy, what can they expect from our 15th residential?

More of the same, with a world-class guest teacher, shows, jams, a chance to meet fellow improvisers and the huge range of classes on offer.

What’s one of the funniest moments from previous years for you?

The moment in a showcase when a heartfelt love scene between two older characters was edited by the immortal line ‘Bugger off you old crumblies’

What’s one of the most magical moments from previous years?

I guess in the old days the fire, the eclipse, singing in the dark, but more recently the work that happens in the workshops – always magic.

Sum up The Maydays Improv Retreat in a little one-liner

Like Hogwarts for imp…oh wait that’s been used already.


To join us at this year’s Improv Retreat, grab one of the last spots here or apply for the Jason Chin Scholarship here, entries open until 1st September – we can’t wait to meet you, see you again and most of all play!