The Maydays and the COVID-19 Coronavirus

Dear friends of The Maydays,

This is very hard to write as under the current circumstances our company is facing a time of huge uncertainty for the future, however, we hope to address all questions here.

Currently all our courses are running online.

  • We cannot run courses face to face but are looking at how this can be achieved safely.  Please visit our courses page for all the information.
  • Our October residential is still scheduled to go ahead and we are discussing the arrangements with the venue on a regular basis.  For updates see our residential page
  • We expect all shows to be cancelled, with announcements pending discussions with venues.
  • Our venue, The Maydays Studio, is closed for public Maydays events but we are monitoring the situation carefully and are hoping to start running socially distanced events there soon.
  • For all of our events, we will be in touch with the participants directly.

Obviously, the impact on us, as an events based company is huge as we have lost all our income streams both as an organisation and as individuals. We don’t know what the next few months or years will hold, and many of you are asking how you can help, so here are a few ideas. We will be working with our community to think of other ways to keep going too.

How you can help:

  1. Donate: For those of you who are long time (or new fans) perhaps you just wish to support us with a donation.  You can donate at any time using the Paypal button at the bottom of this page.
  2. Buy gift cards for use at a later date when people can gather together again:
  3. Course credit: For those of you with booked courses, we hope that you will be happy to keep your course credit with us until our new dates are announced. Or if you would like to offer your purchase as a contribution to our organisation, we truly appreciate your support.
  4. Take classes online: We’re improvisers, we adapt! We’ll be making announcements about how our drop-in classes will continue online over the next week, with potential plans to offer other online options and coaching for troupes too.
  5. Subscribe: We have a YouTube channel and Blogs. You can stay connected by subscribing and seeing what other online treats we’ll be offering in the coming months.
  6. Get in touch: We might have to do things differently but we are still here right now so please get in touch with suggestions, questions, emojis etc. Let’s try and stay as connected as we can in these difficult times.

We remain hopeful that we can survive the coming months and come back with more improv love to share with you all.

If you feel you are in a position to help us in this difficult time, please consider a donation via our Paypal button.

Stay well and safe

Best wishes,

The Maydays x