The Maydays Residential Improv Retreat in photos

Group photo from The Maydays 13th Annual Improv Residential at Ashorne Hill

A Retreating Look Back (at MIR21 Photos)…


Hello there. You may have heard that we had a bit of a fun time at the annual Maydays Improv Retreat this year at Ashorne Hill. Well, not content with word of mouth, I brought my camera with me and took snaps of as many shows, classes and jams as I could attend before I passed out. Thank you to everyone that allowed me to take their picture, and for making the event the special happening that it was.

If you think this looks fun, then may I recommend you keep your eye in this direction, where… who knows… you might find out about the retreat that’s happening next year.


Until we meet again, I’ll be singing “Say Yes to the Improv” next to the coffee machines while Iggy climbs the stairs again.



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