There’s always a little fear.

A black and white image of the word FEAR - for the Maydays Blog Post from Jon Nguyen - "There's always a little fear"

Halloween.  It’s full of scary things but fun scary things. But that’s all a matter of perspective right? 


There are literally billions of people in the world who have never taken an improv class. I haven’t done any data research, I’ve just made a wide-sweeping assumption. The vast majority I imagine do not have the access. 


There are those who say they could never do such a thing. There is a fear of stepping out of your comfort zone, a fear of feeling foolish and a fear of the unknown. 


I often say to those who are recently new to improv, that they are among the bravest of people. And I do mean it. To come to your first improv class can feel terrifying. 


And we as facilitators, coaches and teachers recognise that. It’s why we try to have a place which is fun and as safe as possible. 


That fear never fully goes away. If those first steps are fun and informative for us as students to improv we can choose to continue. 


This leads to more scary places. Our first full class with other intrepid explorers into improv. Which can lead us to the fear we are not good enough. Which is in itself a whole different topic. 


Each step along the improv journey comes with that fear, whether we know it or not. 


Our first performance.

Our first regular team.

Our first taste of improv admin.


Even seasoned improvisers have a touch of this fear. Though it may seem less on the surface.  


When we experiment with new types of improv to us. 


The list is endless, I know I had moments of doubt about my ability when I tried the following:

  • Short form
  • Longform
  • Musical
  • The Harold
  • Shakespeare
  • Narrative
  • Hip hop
  • Virtual reality 
  • And a host of other things.

Each time I had a little fear in the pit of my stomach and each time I took that step as if I was the bravest soul in the universe trying something new. 


I know experienced players who get stage fright for every performance.  They are among the best I have worked with. 


For me, fear can serve us as improvisers. It can keep us humble, it can help access our vulnerability and it lets us know we are still those brave pioneers who once stepped into our first improv class. 


Wherever you are in your improv journey, we hope you are having fun and not letting the fear prevent you from doing awesome things. 


And happy Halloween. 


by The Maydays, Jon Nguyen


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