Things they are a-changing

Black and white image of a brick wall. Caption reads, Things they are a changing. The Maydays lifering logo bottom left of image and The Nursery's Leaf logo top left of image

The Future of The Maydays/Nursery Collaboration

When the pandemic struck in 2020, the directors of London-based Nursery Theatre and the Brighton-based Maydays were quick to join forces to become an online improvisation course provider. In part, to help their staff and teachers pay their rent and in part to keep the joy of improv alive in our respective communities.

It’s unlikely that anyone could have dreamt what a success that decision would become.

In the past 18 months, we’ve seen improv games adapted and developed, technophobes become experts, and teachers create courses that innovate and embrace many strange new online platforms. (If only we’d bought those shares in Zoom!). We’ve met people who’ve only ever learned improv online, we’ve found old friends made at improv festivals overseas, and we’ve made new friends from over 48 countries around the world. There are now new improv teams cropping up all over the world, often with members who’ve met through our courses.

In all this time our two companies have met every week to talk, debate and explore how this exciting shiny new thing called online improv works. But now, the world is moving again and, therefore, so must we.

With vaccine programmes underway, and some countries starting to loosen restrictions, our two companies feel that it’s time for us to relax our ‘pandemic’ relationship with each other. We’re still good friends and we continue to work on some projects together, but as two separate companies (The Nursery as a charity and training centre, and The Maydays as a performance company and course provider) we inevitably find ourselves with different priorities as real-life creeps up on us!

So what changes from September 1st 2021?

  • From September 1st, you will know if a class is being run as part of the collaboration because it will have both Nursery and Maydays logos on the course image and in the image description.
  • The Nursery will continue to run online programming and are looking for a space in London to hold in-person classes and jams. As soon as they find the perfect spot, they’ll let you know!
  • The Maydays are returning to teach real-life classes, so if you see adverts for those, they will more than likely be in Brighton, UK. They will continue to run the online musical drop-in, as well as running an ‘in real life’ one (in Brighton).

It’s an exciting period of change, evolution and development for both companies – thank you, everyone, for being part of it, and for your continued support and enthusiasm – teachers, students and volunteers alike.

And finally, a HUGE thank you to the innovators and grafters who set this whole wonderful thing up in the first place.

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