Tis the season to be online

People taking part in an improv workshop

There has never been more need for connection, laughter and escape than 2020.  With the end of the year approaching fast, it is clear that the traditional celebrations, parties and events will be stripped back or will not take place at all.  As for socialising online, we all know it can be awkward and tiring.  What can really help is a focus, an activity that can bring people together, a shared experience that is out of the ordinary and will actually make people forget they are online for just a brief hour or so.

We have been facilitating improv sessions online all year and it has grown in popularity as we have grown in experience.  We can now bring together people and teams from all across the world in an instant.  Here are some of the ways we can make your online event go smoother, where your people will have fun, make connections and learn a little about how to be ourselves online.

An online improv workshop.

If you are planning a staff gathering or a meeting of your CEOs, you will be aware of the shortcomings of online meeting spaces.  People can feel awkward, have trouble with their technology and it is easy for the loudest voices to overpower those less confident, or even with poorer quality microphones!  Improv is a great leveller and our expert facilitators will make sure that eveyone’s voice is heard and that the appreciation for each other comes before individual ego.  Expect laughter, surprising encounters and a much more relaxed atmosphere than other online meetings.

A quick energiser before your meeting or celebration

We have found that it takes time being online to relax and for the brain to accept that this is reality.  The first hour of a meeting can be spent just adjusting to the situation and dealin with the various sound and technical issues that abound.  Rather than wasting this time, use it by hosting an improv session.  We can guide you through that tricky hour so that by the end people are genuinely buzzing.  By the time you are hosting your event, there will be a palpable sense of connection and laughter.

a zoom meeting for improv

A challenge that you cannot fail

If you like to see your team working together to achieve something they did not think possible, then we can really focus on team building and stepping outside your comfort zone.  We can run an improv session with music or work towards a mini performance showcasing the skills and games that we have learnt in the session.  Rather than being hindered by technology, improv allows us to embrace the shortcomings of the online world and allows us to support each other even harder and in turn receive support and praise from our peers.

A Deeper Improv Experience

If you really want to experience the benefits of improv online then you can book a two or three hour session, or a series of sessions to really build trust and feel the progression.  The benefits of a longer session are that after the first hour, people tend to be more relaxed, focussed and have adjusted to the technology.  This means that for the remaining time, your team will be engaged, interacting freely and, of course, failing joyfully rather than not trying at all.

Something bespoke for your team

There may be a particular focus you would like for your team.  It could be better communication, presentation, online confidence or getting to know each other better.  Whatever it is, we can design a session around your needs.  Get in touch and we can discuss what the perfect improv session for you would look like.