Osha Leela


Gillingham is on a direct train line from London Waterloo which takes around two hours.
Thorngrove House is a five minute drive from Gillingham station in Dorset. There are taxis outside the station. We encourage lift-sharing!


Your ticket includes male and female dorm room accommodation with shared bathrooms.

If you wish to upgrade to a cabin or a caravan (for a private bedroom, shared bathroom and kitchen), please contact the venue directly.




Your ticket includes all of your meals. Osho Leela runs a vegetarian kitchen.

“We do our best to meet the most common food requirements for our guests and generally avoid wheat, dairy and refined sugar in our cooking.  Dishes will be clearly marked if they contain any of the following: wheat/gluten, dairy, egg products, nuts, mushrooms & sugar. For these common food intolerances, an alternative will be provided at a separate table.”



I mean, look at it. It’s beautiful.

We’re in a big house in Gillingham, Dorset (with some cabins and caravans on the grounds) surrounded by rolling fields and overlooking the Blackmore Vale. There are plenty of walks to go on, trees to sit under and even a maze to get lost in.

Venue Details
  • Location
    Dorset, UK
  • Address
    Thorngrove House, Common Mead Ln, Gillingham SP8 4RE