We can do better: our next steps on diversity and inclusion 

As a company we’ve been deeply affected by the events of the past fortnight. We wish to express that we stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. And we are committed to improving diversity and inclusion within our company.

We are The Maydays. We’re aware that we are a company of 13 white people, and that is not right, or representative, of the world we live in. And it does nothing to promote diversity within the improv community.

Before lockdown, we were making our first steps towards expanding the diversity of our company. Including planning to specifically recruit BAME improvisers into our core company. We had already left this too late, and for that, we are sorry. It’s not enough.

We genuinely want our company to be more diverse, and to inspire and be inspired by our community. We want to break down barriers to improv – whether they be financial, cultural or due to access needs. We commit to inclusivity. Everyone should have the right to benefit from improv.

To that end, we will be deepening our commitment to diversity and inclusion. Going forward we will:

  • Continue with our proactive BAME recruitment drive for our core performance company. And we will welcome new performers officially and properly into the space
  • Actively promote and encourage all diversity in our wider improv communities and courses, with a new Diversity Scholarship
  • Actively support under-represented groups and communities to improve access to improv resources, by offering these communities and groups free workshops in person and online
  • Employ a Diversity Officer to consult on key matters

The Maydays – and we as individuals – recognise that we are learning as we go. We are listening, reading, and watching the range of resources already widely available to us, to help inform how we move forward. As it is our responsibility to put that work in. 

Feedback, criticism, and thoughts from everyone outside our company are essential to us. Our work is about you – our improv community (and future improv community!) So if there’s anything you want us to hear, or anything we haven’t addressed, please don’t hesitate to reach out. – The Maydays