Well done Wit Nits!

A fabulous night was had on Thursday as our Beginners Improv course showcased their comedic talents in front of a packed audience of family and friends at The Iambic Arts Theatre.
After just 10 weeks of incubation The Wit Nits emerged from their chrysalis to provide a night of riotous laughter from start to finish. Highlights included a fledgling love affair set in the exotic confines of Swindon, foul play at the Washing Up World Championships and Red Riding Hood discovering more than just the big bad wolf growling in the heart of Calcutta…!
The troupe worked brilliantly together; listening, supporting each other and delivering some cracking lines and characters that had the audience in stitches. Just 2 months ago these confident and charming performers were strangers in a room at Evolution wandering what the heck they’d signed up for.  Now here they were, having the balls to get up on stage with absolutely nothing prepared and create magic.
That’s what our courses are about. The freedom to play, live totally in the moment and shake off the shackles of our serous lives as grown ups! Amongst all the silliness, hearing people report an improvement in their presentations at work, their ability to cope with the unexpected and increased self confidence make this both a very funny and deeply rewarding experience.
A big bravo to Alex, Fran, Helen, Parun, Nic, Dave, Rick, Emma, James, Chris and Anna.
 This is not the last we shall hear of The Wit Nits!

Our next Beginners Improv course starts on Wed 13th April at Evolution.