Diversity in Improv

Scholarship places for classes and courses

Improv is brilliant isn’t it? Which is why we want it to be representative of society. 

If you are on a low income or unemployed, and cannot afford to attend a class, we can offer you a place for free. Our scholarship is about diversity, and is open to anyone from an underrepresented group, regardless of income, such as those from Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities, the LGBTQIA+, those with disabilities and/or sensory impairment, or neurodivergence. Improv should be open to all.

A scholarship is there to allow a wide group of people to be able to come to class. We are currently able to offer one free place in our drop-in class, and one free place on any of our 6-week courses. In time, we hope to up this, as soon as we can afford to. 


If financial hardship is an issue for you, and the free place has been taken, we are very happy to offer a payment plan. 

In order to request a scholarship place, simply email [email protected].