Improv Training for Government, Education & Public Services

Presentation and Proposal Skills for Government, Education & Public Services

In the private sector, your counterparts are most likely to need “sales training”, whereas in the state sector, we tend to get asked to help public bodies enhance their presentational skills. This includes pitching for funding, making your point well to superiors or other departments, and generally oozing confidence.

The part you usually manage well is your script – what you want to say. And it’s true that you can learn that verbatim if you have the time. The big problem comes when you add the uncertain ingredient of the audience. Most big pitches and proposals fail to hit the mark because they fail to adapt, in real time, to the audience.

Improvisation in its performance mode is often about standing up in front of total strangers and performing. The catch is that the performers have no idea until seconds before, what they’re going to be doing. It could be singing a song, acting out a scene or something totally different. Whilst no one will be asked to get up and sing spontaneously, there are some very useful takeouts from improvisation which will help you to adapt quickly to the situation. That means being able to go off script, respond to what your listener really wants to hear, being on form like never before, and getting your point across in a memorable way.

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Flexibility & Agility Skills for Schools, Colleges and Universities

There is an awful lot of pressure on the education sector. The big squeeze is between diminishing funding and relentless pressure to generate outstanding levels of attainment, but you know there are many other factors in there too.

There is a growing interest in resilience training, flexibility and agility training as a means of coping with uncertainty. Flexibility and Agility training by The Maydays uses the powerful tool of improvisation training. Improvisation (or improv for short) is really the embodiment of agile thinking. We take you through a series of experiential exercises which have been carefully selected and blended to take you through a state change. This could be a one-hour programme as part of your annual conference, but it might equally be a 2-4 hour session as part of your school, college or university’s professional development.

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Confidence & Communication Skills for Government, Education & Public Services

It probably goes without saying that communication is the key in most organisations. Sadly, not all government, education and public service departments get this right. Part of it is to do with scale of course. The bigger the department or division, the harder effective communication becomes.

We’re mainly interested in helping you to ensure that every time you communicate, you’re doing it effectively. If everyone adopts the same approach, everything gets better. The Maydays are an improvised comedy troupe who, over the last ten years, have come to realise the transferable skills between improvisation and communication in the work place.

Using a series of tried and tested exercises, we take your delegates on an experiential look at confidence and communication where they’ll learn by doing in an extremely safe space. So safe in fact, that every single time we deliver our improvisation training, your people will finish up volunteering to join us on stage to perform alongside The Maydays. The results are spectacular, inspiring and make heroes out of your people.

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Creativity & Innovation for Government, Education & Public Services

Making ends meet in the state sector is increasingly about thinking creatively. Unfortunately, when budgets and resources are tight and we all feel under pressure, the last thing you feel able to do is “be creative” and innovate.

Enter The Maydays. More than mere party piece, we know a thing or two about innovative and creative thought, as that is pretty much our day job. What is great about using improvisation training to develop creativity is that it doesn’t require you to adopt some new skillset and “be like famous creative people”. Instead, The Maydays create a safe space in which we guarantee your own innate creativity will re-emerge. We are all born creative. Some would argue the very education sector you may be working in now was the one that suppressed your creativity in the first place.

On this improvisation based programme, we make way for spontaneity, lateral thinking, audacity and hilarity. You’ll return to work refreshed, invigorated and most likely with a very new take on your day job.

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Engagement at Work in Government, Education & Public Services

Engagement at work is something we should all be able to experience. We think of engagement as the feeling of belonging, of active interest in what we’re doing and the will to collaborate with others to achieve common goals.

It’s interesting that we think of engagement as something you learn to do. That’s because as improvisers, we connect with each other by listening actively, accepting what people are giving us and then committing, or engaging into the ensuing process. Engagement can equally be about being heard, so we also work with senior leadership teams on exercises around everyone’s value. It’s a transformative process, all thanks to inherent qualities of improvisation.

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Mindfulness and Being Present in Government, Education & Public Services

The public sector is frequently about giving. Giving your time, your thought and consideration and your hours of effort. What took you into this field may be different from your reason for being there now.

We use a highly uplifting and energising approach based around improvisation exercises to get you sharply in focus, centered and mindful faster than you would believe possible. Experience a heightening of your senses, a deeper connection with your colleagues, oh, and lots and lots of laughter.

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