Online Improv Elective: Zoom-prov – Interview with Vic Hogg

Online Improv Elective: Zoom-prov – Interview with Vic Hogg

Your ‘Online Improv Elective: Zoom-prov‘ is on 22nd March. What gave you the idea for this course?

I love Zoom! I love meeting people in their homes while I’m in mine. I love how it makes people connect more truthfully and, with the right atmosphere, laugh harder. Goodness knows we all need.

What excites you when it comes to improv on zoom?

I first jumped on Zoom because I realised that so many people (myself included) still needed comedy and to connect with each other. I have a weekly jam called DDG Improv; we moved our show online on the first day of UK Lockdown, early 2020. What I’ve discovered in the past year is that Improv on Zoom isn’t a compromise or a stop-gap. It’s not a watered-down version. Zoom is a surprisingly flexible and creative container when we unlock its true potential and bring our full imagination to the party.

What other artists or companies, improv or otherwise have inspired you to focus on zoom-prov?

I was drawn to online in a number of ways. I’m a Brigadier in the Global Play Brigade, founded in June 2020. We provide online play sessions to anyone around the world who needs them. I’m also a certified practitioner of the Applied Improvisation Network and we run regular ‘Open Space’ Zoom share sessions, which are always incredibly fun. I was impressed by the way so many international teams and shows embraced online improv (Improv Comedy Bangalore, Vintage Improv Festival and Hideout Theatre to name just three). And I’m a keen member of The Improv Place: a brilliant, specifically online improv-teacher support and learning space, designed even before coronavirus hit. Online improvisation is here to stay.

How do you feel online improv compares to IRL improv?

I’m all for it. I have so many international improv buddies now! There are so many classes around the world I can join! Our brains don’t produce quite as many happy hormones as when playing IRL but it’s still definitely a buzz (and the commute is less punishing).

What is your advice for someone wanting to try improv online?

Try it. Bring all of you. I find that people just want to share a moment and have a laugh; and that’s you, too, no matter how tough things are right now. Slippers optional.

A being from another planet who only understands tweet-length sentences is interested in taking your elective – how will you describe it to them?

Meet great people, play fun games, share meaningful scenes! Online improv can be richer than IRL improv thanks to YOU. Meanwhile, check out my blog on Zoom tips here.


Join Vic Hogg Monday 22nd March for our Online Improv Elective: Zoom-prov

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